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Scheduling Hair and Nail Trims

Does anyone else attempt scheduling hair and nail trims to coincide with a specific event? Is it usually successful?

When Scheduling Hair and Nail Trims Makes Me Anxious

Since retiring, I attend two Men’s Knitting Retreats each year. One in May and one in September. Both at Easton Mountain. I have a standard routine for both retreats. I arrive three days early (on Monday of the week of the retreat) to just hang out with any of the other early arrivals (we get more and more each retreat). It’s about a four-hour drive to get to Easton Mountain. I leave around 8:00 am and navigate to Troy, NY, usually arriving about 11:30. I stop in Troy for lunch and a mani-pedi.

Scheduling Hair and Nails

The mani-pedi is both a great pampering event for me as well as important for the retreat. Since I often go barefoot at the retreat (yoga, hot tub, sunning at the pool or just walking around the main lodge where shoes are not allowed). I also use my hands a lot to demonstrate knitting and crochet techniques. So I want my hands and feet to be well taken care of.

I’m also very busy at the retreat. I’m up early each day. Usually, I have a roommate and the bathrooms are somewhat small, so I want to make sure my hair is short-cropped and doesn’t require a lot of attention.

So I have to plan carefully to make sure my finger and toe nails are at the exact right length by the time I get to Troy for my mani-pedi. And they both grow at different rates. They need to be long enough to have a manicurist work on them. But they can’t be vulture-like talons. I want a 2-3 week growth for the toe nails and about a 1-2 week growth for the fingernails.

Haircutting is a bit easier to schedule. Thaddeus is my barber, so it’s easy to schedule a hair cut one week before I go to a retreat.

I guess it seems silly scheduling grooming around an event. Even more silly perhaps to get anxious when the scheduling doesn’t work out. But now you can see a little bit about how my mind works.

Current Crochet/Knitting

I’ve made very little progress on the short-sleeve, crochet shirt.

Crochet Short Sleeve Top 09-13-23 01

I’m honestly, avoiding the shaping of the sleeve cap. But I will try to focus more on it now that the new/distracting project is almost finished.

The Ammo Jockstrap is close to finished.

Ammo Jock Strap 09-13-23 01

I finished the waistband (although I plan on un-kitchenering it and shortening it a bit) and I’ve completed one of the two straps. I’ve enjoyed this project.

3 comments on “Scheduling Hair and Nail Trims

  1. Ok so I’m going to try to out this in a way that doesn’t come off as sexist! It’s so hard to discuss cultural gender related issues in a comment. Anyhow, I think that in our modern American culture this would sound incredibly familiar to most folks who were brought up as girls/women. I don’t think it’s odd at all. I just think that maybe people who are brought up as boys/men aren’t acculturated to think like this. I think you are quite smart to think ahead. Put your best foot forward as it were!

  2. The Ammo Jockstrap looks great! Best wishes for the Men’s Knitting Retreat.
    Great photo! Thaddeus haircut is fantastic!
    Have a relaxing mani-pedi and lunch stop in Troy. I bet your nails will be glowing. Having never had a mani nor a pedi, it wouldn’t occur to me that the nails should must not be too long or short. Mine would be a challenge. (toes) A jack hammer, floor sander and chainsaw might make a dent in them….What an image! The manicurist in a hard hat, goggles and hazmat suit with sparks and smoke everywhere.
    Have the best time!!!
    Happy Men’s Knitting Retreat to all!

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