Mentally Incompetent - Ben Kingsley in Jules

Mentally Incompetent

Someone is considered mentally incompetent when they are unable to manage their own affairs due to mental incapacity (such as deterioration or psychosis) or sometimes due to a serious physical disability. Incompetence can be used to appoint a guardian or conservator to manage the affairs of the incapacitated person.

Mentally Incompetent – I’m Not There Yet

We watched a really lovely movie recently called Jules. Ben Kingsley plays an elder gent whose mental competence is being questioned for a number of reasons.

Jules Movie 2023

In the movie, Kingsley’s character does things like leaves a can of beans in the medicine chest in the upstairs bathroom. He also takes a movie-maker’s idea of a cognitive/memory test with a doctor in one scene.

As I age, I often wonder if I’ll know when I’m no longer competent. I’ve found yarn in the refrigerator. Am I ready for assisted living?

I also recently started organizing all of the things I bring up to Easton Mountain with me for the Men’s Knitting Retreat. I have some of the contents for 3 raffle baskets. Somewhere.

Well, I have most of it. But for the life of me, I can’t find a package of yarn for a sweater vest. And also one of the neck lights I purchased.

I know I have them. There are photos from a recent blog entry to prove it.

I know they’ll show up before I leave on Monday.

Current Knitting

I focused solely on finishing Jamie’s jockstrap pattern this week.

It was enjoyable to knit. Next time, I’ll definitely go with a sturdier, less lofty yarn for the straps.

2 comments on “Mentally Incompetent

  1. If you ever wanted to have merch printed I suggest this line:

    I’ve found yarn in the refrigerator. Am I ready for assisted living?

    Maybe refrigerator magnets….

    I’ll be laughing at that all day.

  2. I also saw Jules and loved it. Harriet Sansom Harris’ response to seeing the as yet named alien was an acting lesson itself. It is lovely to see a story built around three excellent elder actors. We have stories to tell, folks! On another note, the jock strap is truly beautiful. Many thanks again for reminding your readers of Jamie McCanless’ amazing designs. No modeling, eh?

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