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Will This Fit?

Today is travel day for the NorthEast Men’s Fall Knitting Retreat at Easton Mountain. My yarn project has me asking, “Will this fit?”

A Pound of Fiber – Again, Will This Fit?

The humongous hank of hand-dyed yarn I got from Spinaway Farm is part of a simple project I started. It’s a simple, mindless triangle scarf with i-cord built into the design.

Triangle Scarf Striped 09-18-23 01

This one will be alternating stripes of black yarn and multi-colored yarn.

The black(ish) yarn is Cormo Sport by Elemental Affects in color 399 (Midnight). The multi-color is Spinaway Farm’s Hand-Dyed Sport (85/15 Wool/Nylon). Since the multi-colored yarn is the about 16 ounces (yes, a POUND) of yarn. Or 1,600 yards (1,463 meters), it may take some creative packing to get it into an already pretty full carload of things for the retreat.

The retreat coordination keeps me very busy, but there is a LOT going on in my world. So I’ll try to keep the blog updated all week. Look for:

  • Millard Fontenot Lace Shawl Raffle information
  • Update on the Men’s Knitting Retreat Sea Cruise
  • Snippets of Easton Mountain and the Men’s Knitting Retreat going on this week

Current Knitting/Crochet

In addition to the new scarf/mini-shawl project, I did get some additional work done on the crochet, short-sleeve shirt over the weekend.

Crochet Short Sleeve Top 09-18-23 01

I was able to force myself to start the shaping. Not sure if it will work, but I’m never averse to ripping something out and retrying it.

4 comments on “Will This Fit?

  1. Great yarn!
    Have a good trip up to Easton Mountain and the stop in Troy too.
    Best wishes to all for a fantastic retreat. Have fun!

  2. Can’t wait for my own retreat in Port Townsend, Wa at Ft Worden..where they filmed “An Officer and A Gentleman”. Believe me, always more room in the car for a big skein of yarn or 30.. Love the start of the triangle scarf…might have to copy.

  3. Bon voyage, Joe! Please keep us posted with tons of photos from the retreat. Sigh. Next year, fer sure. You could always pack the pound of yarn in a rocking chair atop your car a la Granny in the Beverly Hillbillies.

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