One More Retreat Recap - The Guys and the Talent

One More Retreat Recap!

I swear there is only one more retreat recap (and this is it). Today focuses on the guys and their enormous talent.

With Only One More Retreat Recap – There Are A LOT Of Photos!

When it comes down to it, the retreats that I help organize are all about the guys who attend. So go back to the last post/recap to understand the true magic of the retreats.

But I don’t want to minimize the exceptional talent that these guys have either.

Each retreat, we allocate an evening to letting the guys show off any fiber-related items they’ve created. You can imagine all the amazing things we see. Or perhaps you can’t. Honestly, even I wasn’t fully prepared to see the Norwegian sweater that rob knit and then sewed together in the traditional way. Or for the beauty of Jim’s gorgeous knitting. And not one of us wasn’t unbelievably impressed with the crochet artwork that Veryl brought us this retreat. And Ian’s crochet skills, and…well, there’s too much beauty and talent to describe in words.

Show & Tell at the retreats takes place at night and honestly, most of these are my photos and they’re NOT very good quality despite what Apple says about low-light functionality of their iPhone camera. But trust me when I tell you, these mens’ talents are extraordinary.

Here are the individual photos:

Current Knitting

It seems as though post-retreat activity is almost as time-consuming as pre-retreat activity. But I did get some knitting finished on my current scarf.

For such a simple scarf, I haven’t made a ton of progress over a weekend. But I did start spinning again. And cranking again (circular sock knitting machine, that is). More on that later this week.

5 comments on “One More Retreat Recap!

  1. I love hearing about the retreats and enjoy them vicariously through you and others who attend. The guy’s creations are totally amazing and wonderful to see in your photos!
    The recaps have been a treat. I’ll never complain about how many there are. I eat them up.
    Best wishes for a wonderful fall!

  2. What a glorious way to start my day! Thank you, Joe, for all the recaps. I feel connected to the proceedings and will certainly attend next year. So many beautiful projects that are so inspiring.

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