The Millard Shawl Raffle - Amillë Shawl by Millard Fontenot 03

Millard Shawl Raffle!

A ten-dollar raffle ticket could win you a most amazing, beaded, lace shawl knit by Millard Fontenot. Join in the Millard Shawl Raffle by purchasing a ticket!

Get In On The Millard Shawl Raffle

Many of you may know who Millard Fontenot is. He was known as Mill among his friends. He was a wonderfully talented and fantastic knitter who unexpectedly died five years ago.

His surviving partner, Kerry has created a fitting legacy for Mill by fostering the knitting community that Mill loved so much.

Kerry attended the recent Men’s Fall Knitting Retreat outside of Seattle earlier this month. He generously donated one of Mill’s knitted shawls to be put up for raffle to benefit the Millard Fontenot Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Expand any of the detailed photos and you can see all the beautiful ruby beadwork that Mill knit into this shawl.

Mill’s shawl will tour all of the Men’s Knitting Retreats for the upcoming 12 months. It will finally return back to the Pacific Northwest on Labor Day weekend for the 2024 Men’s Fall Knitting Retreat where the raffle winner of this shawl will be chosen.

Current Knitting

My knitting, on the other hand, is much less impressive. I did add on a few more inches onto the garter-striped scarf I’ve been working on.

Triangle Scarf Striped 10-04-23 01

While I’ve been calling it the “triangular scarf”, it was never meant to be triangular in shape. In fact, it will most likely end up being the shape of a parallelogram. I am just about to start decreasing, so I should be finished with this beauty shortly.

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  1. Purchased three chances, thanks to you, Joe. Great way to start Hump Day. Though, when you’re retired, there’s not really a hump.

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