Sock Saga - CSM Socks for Matt 10-09-23

Sock Saga

Bringing you up to date on the current sock saga. I needed two pairs for a friend to gift to her husband and thought I had finished them. Well…except for the finishing on the second pair.

End Of The Sock Saga – For Now

When blog readers last read, I had surprisingly gotten the persnickety, old circular sock machine (CSM) to spit out two good pairs of socks. I had finished the first pair and only had to do hand-finishing on the second pair.

But I thought to myself, “Why not strike while the iron is hot.” I started a third pair of socks for myself and finishing cranking it.

CSM Sock 10-09-23 02

I started the second sock of the pair and the CSM wouldn’t let me get very far. So I went back to hand-finishing the second pair.

While they came out great, my tensioning was off and they were too small for my friend’s husband. And I was halfway through a pair of socks that also wouldn’t fit him.

So, I went to work. I finished the third pair.

CSM Socks 10-09-23 03

And then with only a few glitches, I was able to make a FOURTH pair of socks that would fit my friend’s husband!

CSM Socks 10-09-23 03

And honestly, I love these even more than the pair that wouldn’t fit him. Now all I have is a little hand-finishing and packaging and I’ll deliver the two pairs to my friend tonight when I see her.

Shockingly, my CSM was very supportive in this whirlwind effort. End of saga. For Now.

Sock Yarns Used

In case anyone asks, here are the yarns I used:

Pair 1 – Brownish/Orange Socks – A hand-dyed sock blank from The Perfect Purl (don’t remember the dyer and I threw out the tag…perhaps Doug will weigh in if he sees this.

Pair 2 – Yellow/Blue StripesGedifra Lana Mia

Pair 3 – GreenPhouka Sock Yarn by Gnomespun in color Serpentine (HIGHLY recommended…these socks are GORGEOUS…no yarn on his site right now, but worth asking him about it)

Pair 4 – Bright StripesCascade Heritage Print Sock Yarn in colorway #66

Current Knitting

Despite all the CSM activity, I was still able to cast on a simple garter striped scarf.

This scarf will go into Craft Show inventory when it’s finished. And my first craft show is coming up soon!

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  1. I’ve been using a similar (same?) pattern that I designed many years ago to create triangular-shaped shawls. Although this pattern can be used for many different yarn weights, some of my best results have been made using worsted-weight yarns. This is a great way to use up those “mystery” colors, because almost any color combination works well, and makes both a good TV-watching activity and a source for welcome gifts. Thanks for posting your scarf, because I’m always looking for ideas that work well with this yarn pattern/combination.

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