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And Just Like That, It’s Hat Weather

If you know me, you know I hate when it starts to get cold. And now that it’s hat weather, I wish I could just go and hibernate.

Many People Love That It’s Hat Weather

If you’re one of those people and you don’t feel like making your own hats, check out Thomas’ Etsy store.

It’s strange. As a knitter, you’d think I’d love when it cooler weather comes. As someone who sells their scarves and hats and mitts at craft shows, you’d think I’d want it to get colder and colder.

But honestly, this onset of cooler weather here in Pennsylvania is just a precursor. A precursor to darker days and the arrival of Winter. Ugh!

At least I’m prepared for it. I can layer on as much knitwear as the weather requires.

As I mentioned in the last blog entry, I also have my last two craft shows coming up. This will be the last year that I do craft shows. The first one is in less than a month. So I have to drag out all the inventory and see what I need to supplement. It will be a difficult balance of wanting to have enough inventory to sell items at both craft shows, but not having so much that I’ll be left with a ton of knitwear after I no longer have expected sales in the future.

Current Knitting

First off, I wanted to show that I did finish all four pairs of hand-cranked socks.

CSM Socks Completed 10-10-23

They came out spectacularly well (in my less-than-humble opinion). My friend was thrilled with the two pairs and I’m thrilled with the other two. Win-win!

I am also very close to finishing the Black and Tan, garter-striped scarf

I only have one more garter ridge left to knit before I bind off. It’s going to be pretty long when it’s finished. Then I think I’m going to focus on fingerless mitts so I have a bunch of pairs of those to sell. They sold very well last year, so I have very little inventory. Fortunately, they knit up quickly.

3 comments on “And Just Like That, It’s Hat Weather

  1. You are the second person I’ve heard this year saying they don’t like fall because it means winter is coming. Live in the moment! It is such a beautiful season and winter isn’t here yet! Besides, you look cute in hats.

  2. LauraRose is right, Joe. You look darned cute, and rather boyish, in hats and most anything actually. Is it possible to purchase some of your handiwork via online methods?

    1. Thanks Fred…cute and boyish I don’t get very often anymore. All of my craft show items go up for sale on my web site as soon as I get them into my Square inventory – – Two things make it difficult to sell via the web…shipping costs and the inability to touch/feel/try on various garments. So feel free to let me know if you need any other photos of anything on the site or to describe any of it’s characteristics.

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