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Inventory Growing

I always go through this whenever craft-show season approaches. Panic-ish. But fortunately, inventory is growing.

Inventory Growing – Slowly

Knitting isn’t a fast thing. At least not for me. So, even some of my most quick-knits take a day or two for each finished item that gets added to my craft-show stock.

One of the items that people really seemed to like at last year’s shows were the fingerless mitts.

I thought I had sold all of my inventory for them last year. But when I started unpacking and re-storing all the bins, I realized I had about a half-dozen pairs that were in various states of finishing/labeling.

So for the next few weeks, I’ll be making as many pairs of these little gems as I can.

And, of course, putting size labels on them and wrap-labels as well.

I just have to figure out a way of cross-selling them with a hat and/or scarf. It seems like a perfect little gift-bundle. No?

Current Knitting

I was able to finish the black and tan, garter-striped scarf and it’s rather large.

It ended up being 79″ long (yes…over 6 1/2 feet!) and about 5″ wide. Fortunately, it’s a lovely fabric and very soft and warm. Usually the kind of thing that sells at a craft show too.

And as you can see from the feature photo today. I finished the first pair (of many) of fingerless mitts.

I’m using the my pattern that I call Rose’s Fingerless Mitts and this is the “small” size. The yarn is a really nice merino sport yarn (Moorehouse perhaps?). But they are very soft and very warm.

By the way…I have a $2.50 charge on the pattern for the fingerless mitts. But it’s only out there to prevent hundreds of people from downloading the pattern because it’s free. And then having dozens of questions about the pattern. Or worse, requests to re-size it for an odd-shaped hand. If any blog reader would like the pattern for free, just send me a web-note with your Ravelry ID and I’ll gift the pattern to you.

5 comments on “Inventory Growing

  1. If you are a slow knitter, then I’m totally turtle. Seems to me that you are always finishing knits and crochets and so quickly. Best wishes for your inventory and craft fairs.
    Are you Rose’s Fingerless Mitts the base for the partially fingered gloves I got from you? Or is that a different pattern?
    Of course they have been broken out and worn in the chilly mornings. Treasures! Both the gloves and the colder AMs, (for me!)
    Survive the chill. Hope there is a warm spurt of extra summer out your way for you to enjoy.

  2. When you get into craft production mode do you finish and block each piece individually as it is knitted or do you do a bunch them have a big old blocking day with mittens everywhere?

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