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Official Mushroom Hunter

Yes, Thaddeus has declared that I am now an official mushroom hunter. There’s no badge or anything, but still.

Finally An Official Mushroom Hunter

Honestly, I would have thought I had already leveled up. But my previous efforts seemingly weren’t enough for Thaddeus’ assessment of my mycological skill level.

Here’s how it happened.

Shortly after I returned from the NorthEast Men’s Fall Knitting Retreat, the weather got cooler. Which means it’s time for my favorite mushroom. Maitaike or hen-of-the-woods, or Grifola Frondosa. So, Thaddeus and I went to “the tree” where we find it most years. There wasn’t a trace of it. We were disappointed, but figured for some reason it was just an off-year for it.

Also, at the most recent Men’s Knitting Retreat, one of the guys asked if he could bring his non-knitting husband with him. This doesn’t happen often, but we had the capacity, so Craig and his husband Bill came to the retreat last month. Most importantly (but not to this blog entry), Bill learned quickly how to knit and knit surprisingly well for a new knitter.

NEMFKR 2023 - Bill New Knitter Swatch

Also, turns out Bill is involved with the NY Mycological Society and is an avid mushroom forager.

About a week ago, I saw a post from Bill that he was storing his “hens” that he had foraged.

Hen-of-the-woods usually doesn’t come up this late. Rarely do we find it after the end of September. But I told Thaddeus that we had to go look again. He and I were both glad we did.

We found quite a bit of this extraordinary mushroom.

This was a fantastic experience overall. I love this mushroom…the taste and the texture are one of my favorites. Plus they’re supposedly very good for your health. Plus, I had to persuade Thaddeus to even go back to look a second time. He was convinced it was way too late for them.

My new title is duly earned.

Current Knitting

Despite all this mushroom foraging, I was able to keep on track with my craft-show knitting.

Two pairs of Rose’s Fingerless Mitts completed and one more pair well on it’s way.

2 comments on “Official Mushroom Hunter

  1. Congratulations on your new status, Joe! With all the creative folks you know, certainly someone could forge a badge worthy of the title. This post contains miracles, an overnight knitter who turns out to be a mushroom maven. You’re living right, man.

  2. Hen of the Woods is one of the only ones I “trust” to forage and I love it for how delicious it is.
    Your find was indeed a good one!! Enjoy.

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