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Without perspective, it’s incredibly difficult to have any clarity. Or to decide on priorities and what’s most important.

Lack Of Perspective

When an issue gets heated, it’s difficult to gain perspective. In fact, when I’m really invested in an issue, I sometimes prefer to ignore perspective on purpose. Sometimes an overly strong opinion about something can be more persuasive than a level-headed argument.

In recent years, I’ve tried to stay away from politics. But in the current environment, I’d like to encourage people to focus on priorities and what’s most important to them.

There are two issues that are very important to me right now (in case anyone cares). The state of our democracy. And the terrorist attack on Israel by Hamas.

Both of these situations are dire (in my opinion). And both of them are fraught with controversial opinions.

Here are my opinions on both, so you can assess what level of perspective I have on these issues.

  1. U.S. Democracy – Republican extremists have damaged our democracy so badly, I worry we won’t ever recover. My only hope is that next year’s elections in November will be a clear statement of what this country wants. And the hope is that we want democracy to survive.
  2. Israel – Hamas is a terrorist organization that did unconscionable acts of savagery in their latest attack on Israel. Israel has the right to defend itself. While I have complicated emotions about the government leadership in Israel and struggle with determining what is vengeance vs. defense of a country, it doesn’t negate anything about the first two statements.

Distilling my thoughts as simply as I can helps me stay clear on what’s important. Unfortunately, the clearest way of demonstrating this was with the current heated political environment. But I feel clearer now…thank you.

Current Knitting

Continuing on with production knitting of fingerless mitts, while I ponder priorities.

Fingerless Mitts 10-18-23 01

One more pair completed (and finished, except for packing and sizing label) and another pair started. I’m starting to tire of this color, so I think I’ll be switching to a different yarn soon.

5 comments on “Perspective

  1. This recent BBC interview with former peace negotiator Daniel Levy seems to me to be one of the the most even handed statements about the current violence being perpetrated by Hamas and Israel. I have long been distressed about how seldom we have been presented by western governments and media with the very well documented history of violence and oppression directed toward Palestinians by successive governments of Israel,. Often they react as though only Palestinian violence should be denounced and counteracted, as of course it should., but not, as Levy points out, with a perpetual cycle of escalating violence. Here’s the link to the Levy interview. I highly recommend listening to the entire brief interview.
    Levy also appeared briefly on Democracy Now on October 17.

  2. Sharing both your perspectives, I find my refuge and equilibrium through knitting. Thank you, Joe, for continuing to share your decency and humanity.

  3. I am following very closely the speaker of the house votes. I’ve already sent two emails to my congressman letting him know how his constituents want him to vote. I want him to cross party lines and vote for Jeffries. Since I’m from NY tomorrow’s e-mail will be along the lines of “What the F…. dude!” (Just saying…)

    There “will” be repercussions at the ballot box. Words can not express the level of disappointment I feel about the House of Representatives. We, as a country have to vote these useless people out of office.

    So far, my guy has only voted a (“safe”) protest vote for the former speaker. To check out how your guy voted, see this link:

  4. Love your blog! Quietly reading for a number of years. Appreciate and agree on your level of perspective.
    The youngsters vote is where I worry. My husband and I have 3 kids, 22, 25, and 28 they have no interest in politics, I have tried many ways to engage. At least they vote in Presidential. We will keep trying.
    I am a 61 year old female married 33 years. I Have never been more in tune with politics.
    Janice from Southeastern WI

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