Spoiled Cate - Finn - with romney csv cross roving 10-01-2023

Spoiled Cat

To make up for a small political rant, I offer you cat photos today. Finn has been here since February, 2014 and he has always been a spoiled cat.

Petulant And Spoiled Cat

Like many cats, Finn has a lot of attitude. His main response to Thaddeus and I is “You’re not the boss of me!” or “You’re not my real parents, you can’t tell me what to do.”

Usually, he’s right. When he jumps on the dining table, we used to yell, or prod him off. He’d jump right back up. At least a couple of times. We’ve finally realized it’s easier to calmly move him to someplace that he likes. Like his cat-perch. He’s close by the table and even a little higher. He’ll usually accept being moved if we make it seem like we’re doing him a favor. And yes, he can tell the difference when we’re doing it to punish him.

He’s gotten to be an old cat. He’s mellowed out quite a bit. And honestly, Thaddeus has spoiled him rotten. We got a delivery recently and Finn liked the box. Thaddeus wrapped the box in a towel, putting a very low-level heating pad between the underside of the box and the towel. And then he moved the entire contraption in Finn’s favorite place to get sun.

Spoiled Old Cat - Finn 10-20-23 01

Yes…completely spoiled! And very well loved.

Here are some random photos of Finn over the years (in date order…starting with the earliest).

Love this boy.

Current Knitting

Continuing on with perseverance with my production knitting of fingerless mitts.

In addition to finishing the latest pair, you’ll note that I’ve also switched up the colorway on the next pair.

10 comments on “Spoiled Cat

  1. We adopted an orange tabby boy a couple of years ago and named him “Finn”, after your boy! We are definitely not the boss of our Finn.

  2. Always great to hear about and see photos of Finn. He’s gorgeous. Those eyes!
    Fun to hear about the things you both do for him. We do love to spoil our cats.
    Best wishes for more October.

  3. Our Polly is 16 years old now. We have had her since she was five years old. Her bed is a special small pets heating pad with a bean bag on top. I made the bean bag using a quilted pillow case with a zipper. This is covered in a brushed cotton pillow case which can be changed and washed. All in all a throne for a queen.

  4. Thank you for spoiling Finn. Thanks everyone for spoiling your cats. We had a boy and girl littermates for the past 10 years who left us one after the other this year from cancer, and I wish I had spoiled them more. (Don’t worry, they were pretty spoiled.) We recently adopted a little 2-year-old girl who started out a bit shy but who is well on the way to spoiled. Just keep it up, everyone!

  5. I am living with 2 cats ( the Girls) It happened to also be litter mates. I don’t think 2 cats could be any more spoiled.

  6. Finn is a beautiful cat who seems to enjoy being an only boy. Didn’t you say once that he had been returned to an animal rescue? If I’m correct I don’t see how that could have happened. We have four cats and feed two strays outside.Carol

    1. No…Finn was at animal rescue for quite a while but was never adopted and then returned. And weirdly enough, when Thaddeus first showed me his photo, I thought he was odd looking and kind of cross-eyed. But when we met him, I realized it was just a bad photo. Finn’s rescue shelter photo

      Turns out that he liked to bite people who pet him and we think that’s why he stayed in the shelter as long as he did (waiting for us). Smart boy.

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