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She’s One of Us!

Referring back to our innate desire to relate blog post, I’ve found another one. Yes, she’s one of us.

Joyce Vance – She’s One of Us!

I’m sure it’s no surprise that Thaddeus and I watch MSNBC as one of our news sources. And Joyce Vance is often one of the experts they bring onto the show to discuss legal cases. So these days, she’s on the show a lot.

Joyce Vance is a former U.S. District Attorney and now a law school lecturer at the University of Alabama School of Law. She also is one of the hosts of the Sisters In Law podcast. Along with all thats, she also proudly raises chickens and is a knitter.

She also writes a substack, Civil Discourse with Joyce Vance and recently wrote an entry about “stress knitting”.

Always proud to claim such an amazingly accomplished person as a knitter. It’s also nice that when I get overwhelmed with the enormity of all that’s going on in the World today, I can listen/read about something about which I’m passionate instead of the horror stories. Both Joyce’s and my own knitting let me go away for a bit to de-stress.

Current Knitting

I was very productive this weekend with my craft show knitting. First of all, I did all the finishing work on the last pair from the last blog entry.

Fingerless Mitts 10-23-23 01

Then I finished the pair of mitts that I had started in the same blog entry.

Fingerless Mitts 10-23-23 02

Then I started and finished another pair.

Fingerless Mitts 10-23-23 03

AND…I tried using the huge ball of multi-color yarn I bought at NJ Sheep Breeder’s festival to start another pair.

Fingerless Mitts 10-23-23 04

Finally, I tagged all the finished pairs with sizing tags and put my label on them.

Fingerless Mitts 10-23-23 05

It’s starting to look like an inventory that will attract buyers next month…no?

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  1. Joyce is on Ravelry and she used to dye yarn under brand name elliebelly which is her rav username. I follow her on Substack where she shares the Trump trials calendar and other legal issues. She shares some knitting and videos of her chickens too. The column name is Civil Discourse.

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