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Good Pizza

For you, what is good pizza? Like many food, I think often it’s what you’re accustomed to when you’re growing up. Sometimes.

My Idea of Good Pizza

Yes, I looked forward to Fridays when I was in grade school because of pizza day in the cafeteria.

School Pizza Cafeteria

It was only good in comparison to some of the other food at the cafeteria.

Growing up in the North East, I never understood that I was fortunate to have had lots of wonderful pizzerias to choose from. We didn’t often do take-out pizza when I was younger. But as I gained a little bit of independence, I would often go to the local pizza place for a slice or two.

For me, a pizza needs to be just like the feature photo (this one is topped with mushrooms and sausage). Thin-crust with slightly thicker edges is important. I also prefer my crust a bit more well-done and darker. Also, the crust has to have flavor and have a certain toughness to it. Your teeth need to rip off pieces to eat it. Sauce is used sparingly. If sauce is dripping out of a pizza, they use too much. Cheese needs to be cheap mozzarella, but not so cheap as to be greasy. I don’t mind cheese-grease-dripping pizza, but I prefer it to be less greasy if given the option.

Thaddeus is our meal-planner. He’s excellent at it.

Recently, we both wanted pizza. He chose one of those fire-oven pizza places. Artisanal pizza. It was good, but it didn’t quench my craving for pizza. So when he had to take a friend for a colonoscopy, and I was left to my own devices for dinner, I chose a local pizza place. Suffice it to say, I was quite satisfied.

What’s your favorite pizza?

Current Knitting

Continuing with strong productivity, I finished the pair of mitts I started last blog entry.

Fingerless Mitts 10-25-23 01

I liked this yarn so much, I finished a second (smaller sized) pair using the same yarn.

Fingerless Mitts 10-25-23 02

This yarn is a bit coarse, so I want to try washing these mitts before I make any more with this yarn. So I started another pair using a different yarn.

Thats quite a bit of progress for me…I’m quite pleased.

3 comments on “Good Pizza

  1. I remember that school pizza. It was edible. The cafeteria ladies’ made Hungarian Goulash from scratch and it was the best!
    Growing up, there was never take out in our family. We lived 6 miles out of town, that was an expensive thing and Mom didn’t like spicy, greasy food.
    She was a wonderful, natural cook and we loved her meals. There were occasional TV dinners for us kids. Mom would save the aluminum trays and make her own frozen dinners with her wonderful leftovers.
    Today Fred and I live in a city known for pizza, New Haven, but we never have it. We do like pizza and enjoy it when someone serves it at a party, but take out Chinese is our huge treat.
    Best wishes for more October and pizza!

  2. Love the top picture kind! West coast pizza has left something to be desired until somewhat recently when more east coast styles have arrived.

    You could make super wash fingerless mitts and call them Pizza Mitts!

  3. Having grown up in the borough of Queens in NYC, each neighborhood had at least two pizzerias within a few blocks of one another. As Jon Stewart once pointed out, a slice needs to be furled to be eaten properly, with a crust pretty much what you describe here, Joe. More cheese than sauce, decently chewy (not unlike a good NYC bagel) that has its own distinctive flavor. As a child, slices were between 15 and 25 cents! Dang, I’m old. Regarding your latest mitts, the earthiness of the colorway is beautiful. After knitting a dear friend’s birthday shawl (called “May I Borrow This Please”), I’m back to the Tremblor Scarf by Jamie McCanless. What is everyone else knitting/crocheting? Cheers all around!

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