An Adult Meal - Meatloaf Mashed Potatoes and Lima Beans Dinner on Fiestaware Plate 10-28-23

An Adult Meal

My unsupervised dinner the other day needed to be balanced with more of an adult meal. Thank goodness Thaddeus is back.

Thaddeus Is Talented With An Adult Meal

One of my favorite skillsets of Thaddeus is his meal-planning. He likes food. And he’s a very good cook. He’s also amazingly talented at planning meals for up to a week and making sure we have all the groceries needed to complete them.

Left to my own devices, you saw that I gravitated toward take-out pizza.

Recently, Thaddeus made his meatloaf. Like pizza, how good a meatloaf is is very subjective. I liked my mom’s meatloaf, so I often want something similar. Thaddeus grew up with a very different kind of meatloaf than I did. So he came up with this great compromise. His version replicates the texture that I prefer (dense, tender and fine-grained) and the glaze that he’s used to.

Thaddeus uses lean ground beef, ground pork sausage, panko bread crumbs and a lot of grated onions. His glaze is a small can of tomato paste with various ingredients including some sugar/sweetness and some vinegar. For me, that part is irrelevant, so I’m fine with him changing it arround.

He also makes a mean mashed potato. Again, this is very subjective and a compromise between us. He grew up with a much creamier version of mashed potatoes and me a more lumpy version.

Fortunately, we both like lima beans a lot.

Adulting can be tasty and fun.

Current Knitting

I was able to finish the pair of fingerless mitts I had started on Wednesday.

Fingerless Mitts 10-27-23 01

Well, not technically finished. But all the knitting is done. I also started a second pair.

Fingerless Mitts 10-27-23 02

This pair is the same size and the same yarn as the first pair. So I added one small stripe of contrasting color at the cuff.

I did also wash the multi-colored mitts. It didn’t soften the yarn much, so whoever buys these will have to not care that they’re a bit scratchy.

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