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My Chosen Family

That characteristic which compels men to knit, is likely the same that makes them amazing human beings. That’s why they are my chosen family.

How I Evaluate Who Is My Chosen Family

It’s easy, really. When there is love, support, encouragement, that’s a group I want to be a part of. And never have I been with a group (outside my family-of-origin) where the love, support and encouragement aren’t present. I’ve written a lot about this experience at the men’s knitting retreats. But there were also two other recent meetings where my good taste in chosen family was obvious.

Monthly Men’s Fiber Meet-Up

Kevin showed up unexpectedly in my life. A registration came through for the NorthEast Men’s Fall Knitting Retreat this past September. It was for someone who lives in a neighboring town. And I didn’t know him. How could this be? Turns out he was just a quiet guy-knitter looking for community. He was also trying to start a monthly men’s fiber-arts meet-up. This past month it was Frank, Kevin and me.

Mens Knitting Meet-up October 2023 - Frank Kevin Joe

Starting out small, but even this small groups have all the same amazing qualities.

Regional Coordinator Group

The guys who coordinate the regional men’s knitting retreats are all the amazing qualities I love…in spades!

They not only exemplify the love/support/encouragement, etc., but they also foster it by coordinating regional fiber-arts retreats for guys. We had a virtual meet-up to plan, discuss and chat about the retreats going forward.

The Men I Love

The experience was so exhilarating and enlivening. If you get the opportunity to be around any of these guys, take it if you possibly can.

Yes, this chosen family has never let me down.

Current Knitting

Continued production knitting has me up to almost 12 pairs of fingerless mitts for my upcoming craft shows. Which is good, since it’s this coming Sunday!

I finished the pair from Friday’s blog.

Fingerless Mitts 10-30-23 01

I finished a second pair.

Fingerless Mitts 10-30-23 02

And started another (for 11 pairs finished and the 12th pair started).

It’s the last push. And this week, I also have to go through all my inventory and make sure the database is up-to-date. Wish me luck.

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  1. Joe, I love starting my days with your blog. Your thoughts on chosen families gave me morning tears — a good thing. My life has been populated with such families. Currently, my bestest friends are all knitters/crocheters. The photos glow with affection. Cheers to you!

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