Double Surprise - Fingerless Mitts Previously Made 11-01-23 01

Double Surprise

For regular readers anxious about my slowly growing craft show inventory, I got a double surprise this week.

Single Suprise and Double Surprise

As I slowly added fingerless mitts these last couple of week, I knew I had a secret in my back pocket. I had found five pairs of fingerless mitts that I never added to inventory last week. So, I was going to spring that on you today. A dramatic finish to the week before my craft show. I can hear the gasps now.

And then I went through my inventory. It wasn’t five pairs, but 18 pairs!

With all the pairs I’ve knit in the last couple of weeks, I now have over 30 pairs to sell.

Fingerless Mitts 11-01-23 all

Just in time for my first 2023 craft show this coming Sunday.

I still have to go through and do a full inventory of all the garments I have for sale. And I’m pretty certain I’ve found all the fingerless mitts I have. But finding this surprise stash has taken a little of the pressure off. For both this Sunday and for my final craft show the first weekend of December.

Current Knitting

As you can see in the photo above, I was able to finish the pair from the last blog entry.

Fingerless Mitts 11-01-23 01

And I’ve started another pair.

Depending on how many hats, scarves, shawls, headbands, etc. I have in-stock, I may stop making fingerless mitts and work on something else between now and Sunday.

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  1. Congratulations, Joe! Surprises can be wonderful, as in your case. Thank you for sharing the news today, because it’s (tada) my birthday! Cheers to you.

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