A Good Omen - Latte Art 11-03-23 02

A Good Omen?

I’ve always considered that a well-poured latte is a good omen for the upcoming day. Especially when the latte art is good.

A Good Omen For Craft Shows Maybe?

With my upcoming craft show this week, I am liking what my lattes are saying about my prospects. Lately, my lattes have been kind of off. The espresso crema wasn’t very good (which affects the milk-foam art). Or my milk steaming wasn’t right (which definitely affects the “art”). But Yesterday and today, my lattes were really good.

I realize that my latte-pouring skills aren’t the best. I also realize that superstitions like this one are crazy.

So maybe, this is just my way of asking you to wish me luck this Sunday.

Current Knitting

Last blog, I mentioned I had a sufficient number of fingerless mitts for my upcoming show. But I had started another pair that I figured I’d finish.

Fingerless Mitts 11-03-23 01

Suffice it to say, I finished one of the two mitts. And started the second for the pair. I should finish the pair in time to wash/block/dry/tag them in time for the show this Sunday.

Really, I was a bit bored with knitting so many of these knits. And one of the social media advertisements showed this garment attributed to me.

NEMFKR Shawlette and West Coast Watch Cap 11-18-22 01

I’m not sure what I did with this shawlette, but I don’t see it in inventory. So I opted to start a new one.

NEMFKR Shawlette 11-03-23 01

Not sure if I’ll finish it in time to block/tag it for the show. But at least I’ll have something to work on during slow times at the show.

5 comments on “A Good Omen?

  1. Wishing you stupendous sales at Sunday’s show and that you have the continued satisfaction of jobs well done. Is the shawlette a version of Age of Brass and Steam?

    1. Thanks Fred…the shawlette was a garment one of the guys from the NorthEast Men’s Knitting Retreat designed and asked me to test-knit. It’s not been published as far as I know.

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