Which Type Are You

Which Type Are You?

When packing up after a craft show, I do not opt for organized, neatly packed and labeled crates. I just throw it all in and jam it in my car. Which type are you?

When It Comes To Packing Up – Which Type Are You?

I remember showing another knitter one of my projects and jamming it back into my project bag. She was aghast that I just jammed it in. She insisted I take it out, fold it and neatly place it in my project back.

It only took a moment, so I complied. But I certainly didn’t adopt that as a habit.

Similarly, after a long day of selling my knitwear, you can tell by the feature photo today that I don’t neatly re-pack everything before schlepping it home. Speed and ease are much more the priorities when I’m packing up.

Yes…if it’s convenient, I’ll put the table covers back into the bin where they get stored. But there’s no guarantee that they won’t get thrown in as a crumpled mess.

And don’t get me wrong. I will go back within the next week or two and re-organized, neatly fold and store all the stuff for the next show. I just can’t be bothered after 8 hours of craft-showing.

How about you? Would you take the time? Don’t worry, we could still be friends if you’re horrified at my packing-up habits.

Craft Show Results

FFAS 2023 - Display 10-06-23 01

Overall, I had a moderately successful day of selling knitwear. About 20 items sold and total $700 in revenue.

Not as much as I’d like to have sold, but enough. The one good part is that I have plenty of inventory for my final craft show next month.

By the way, I sold about a dozen pairs of fingerless mitts. So they continue to be a popular item.

FFAS 2023 - Fingerless Mitts Display 10-06-23

Current Knitting

I was able to finish the last pair of Fingerless Mitts and wash and block them before the show yesterday.

Fingerless Mitts 11-06-23

I didn’t quite finish the pastel shawlette.

Two things about this project. First, there is only one color-stripe of yarn left in this ball of yarn. But I did have the original shawlette in my stash of craft show items. So I think I’ll make this a larger sized (full-sized) shawl with a second ball of yarn.

5 comments on “Which Type Are You?

  1. For years, I stuffed miscellaneous needles, hooks, etc. into a cookie tin. A friend, who was about to borrow a needle, was aghast at my stow. She calmed down, after I suggested that she could to borrow a needle from someone who had proper needle dividers. I have organised my needles better, since then.

  2. I packed the same way after a show. And got out of there on time. It’s been a long day at that point and I can reorganize at home in peace and quiet

  3. My compulsive side does want to neatly fold and put away, but there are times when expediency rules and let’s just get on with it. I’m organized enough that all of my needles, circulars all, are stowed in clearance-sale pencil sleeves, by size, in an oversized shoebox. Yarn stash is separated by gauge, but certainly not by color.

  4. You can only do what you can do. Everyone would love to go home utterly organized I imagine, but at what cost? Some people do have a knack for early secret packing up though. When I taught elementary it always took me DaYs at the end of the year to get packed up. Because I went full on up to the end. And I’m just not naturally organized. But some teachers somehow had started ahead of time and were like outta there totally organized in one extra afternoon!

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