We Did It - I Voted Pennsylvania State

We Did It!

I rarely realize how anxious I am about elections until after they’re over. And I can breathe again when we did it…we did the right things (mostly) around this country.

In Pennsylvania and Other States – We Did It!

Yesterday was Election Day in the United States. Not a Presidential election, but in a number of key State elections, voters said no to MAGA Republicans and yes to Democratic (and democratic) policies.

Some of the more important elections were in Ohio, Virginia, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania. And in Pennsylvania (where I live and vote), both locally and State-wide, we voted out the assholes and voted in the folks who are looking to preserve the values I care about.

Local Stuff

One local example I’ll write about. The Central Bucks County school board had been taken over by extremist candidates who were brought in by the national hate-group called Moms for Liberty (Moms for Fascism is more accurate). They were literally banning books in schools in this area. And causing a boatload of hateful partisanship. It was terrifying that this shit came so geographically close.

The school board now has a Democratic majority and will go about cleaning up the mess created by the extremist/activist board members.

I am so relieved. I’m also relieved by our choice in State Supreme Court Judge. That Virginia said fuck you to the smiling hate-mongering governor of that Commonwealth. That Kentucky re-elected a Democratic Governor who continues to do amazing things for the people of that State. And that Ohio spoke out loudly for the rights of bodily autonomy despite all the chicanery of their State government and election officials (who did shameful shit to try and ban abortions in that State). Ohio also got a side-benefit of getting recreational marijuana approved. Go OHIO!

I know my readership is from far and wide. And that you might not care about these local, State and national issues that are relevant to me. So I apologize for taking up blog time with this. But this election is hopefully a harbinger of what might affect a much larger population. And as a gay man, I am very glad to see the current direction of morals around here.

Current Knitting

I did opt to make a larger version of the NEMFKR Shawlette since I already have a smaller version in-stock for the next (and last) craft show).

I have started on the second ball of yarn and will use as much of it as I can. Like lacework, this won’t show off all its beauty until it’s blocked. So I’ll try an knit fast.

5 comments on “We Did It!

  1. You are certainly embracing the phrase “and last craft show.” Congratulations.

    Ten years ago, when I was about your age, I was selling collectible books online and at shows. And, one day I said “enough.” And, now I knit and research genealogy and enjoy life with my husband after a lifetime of our both working way too hard.

    After December when your brain kicks into inventory production mode, you can look across the room and say, “Thaddeus, let’s . . . “

  2. No need to apologise, if its important to you, you should share it on your blog.
    As a Scot living in the Netherlands, politics in USA has become more of a concern than it used it be. I hope the state elections are a sign of the way things will go from now on.
    Good luck with your last craft show.

  3. It matters very much to me and my family that the Dems win everything! I don’t think I could live through another Rep era. It’s doesn’t directly affect us but it consumes all our news and every newspaper is full of the rantings of your last president and it really affects mentally.

  4. Joe, you’re one of my personal heroes for several reasons. I imagine your readers are likely overwhelmingly in favor of your support of sane and humane equality issues. Let us hope and trust that last night’s votes for Democratic and democratic concerns bodes well for next November. Fingers crossed.

  5. As a usually voting Dem living in a red state (my county is pretty blue) it sometimes feels like ‘why vote it won’t matter.’ I like to think that I am at least cancelling/nullifying someone else’s vote, and at the very least letting my law makers know there are some other view points out there so think about that when you start writing your laws!

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