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2023 Annual Holiday Gift List for Yarn Crafter

It’s that time again! Yes, knitters, crocheter, spinners, weavers, etc. would LOVE to get thoughtful, craft-related gifts. For the past few years, I’ve created a holiday gift list for yarn crafters. It can be used as my own personal wish-list. Or for suggestions for knitters, crocheters, spinners, etc. that you know. I repeat some gifts (until someone gets the hint that I really want it!), and add new ideas each year too.

Top-10 Holiday Gift List for Knitters, Crocheters, etc.

  1. Jumbo Ball Winder (promotional link)– Most yarn-crafters I know would always love a good ball-winder and swift (if they don’t have them). So, I’m repeating my top two gifts for this year. This continues to be my favorite of all ball winders…big balls, small balls, fingering, bulky…works great.

Even if you replace someone’s ball winder with this one, at about $50, this is a great gift for every yarn artist you know.

2. Wooden Yarn Swift (promotional link) – I have two of these (medium and large) and I just love them.

Wooden Swift

Also, they’ve come down a lot in price, so you may want to combine it with the jumbo ball winder up above.

3.  Lykke Grove 5-Inch (13cm) Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needle Set Bamboo (promotional link)  – For newer knitters who need their first interchangeable set, or for very prolific knitters who need multiple sets!

The versatility allowed by interchangeable sets of needles only gets expanded with a second (or third) set. This classic copper version of Lykke needles is so appealing

4.  Interchangeable Crochet Hooks – whether you’re a knitter, a crocheter or pan-stitual, having this gorgeous wooden-handled set of interchangeable hooks is invaluable.

Interchangeable Crochet Hook Wood-Turned Handle - MJ Yarns

This is an item I have been craving for a long time. I’ll probably order myself a set if I’m not gifted one.

5.  Needle felting kit (promotional link) – even if you don’t want to do lots of needle felting, these tools come in very handy for grafting yarns together, repairing moth holes and securing the cut edges of steeks.

Also, look up knit repairs on You-Tube and you might just find a lot of people relying on felting needle kits to fix pesky mistakes or damage to your knitting. I love using felting to graft yarns together securely too!

6. A Treasury Of Knitting Stitch Dictionaries (promotional link)– An annual favorite gift, getting all four of these “treasuries” by Barbara Walker would be an AWESOME gift for any knitter!

So, Stitch Dictionaries are an integral part of many knitwear designers’ libraries. And, no one does it better than Barbara Walker.

7. Eucalan Wool/Knits Wash Gift-Pack(promotional link) – I will often use shampoo or some lesser substitute to wash my woolens, but the no-rinse, lanolin-rich Eucalan is a much better product for the job.

Eucalan Wool Wash

And, I usually gather up a small load of socks/sweaters/scarves, etc. and do a soak/spin load in my washing machine. Also, Eucalan leaves the garments fresh and soft.

8. Handmade Leather Tags (promotional link) – I just love how professional looking these tags make a finished garment look.

Handmade Knitwear Tags Leather

Though, just a simple, smart-looking tag, it shows that the garment was handmade. And it’s the perfect finishing touch, no?

9. Complete Knitting and Crochet Accessories (promotional link) – Really, every knitter needs an assortment of small scissors, needle gauge, tape measure, etc.

Complete Knitting and Crochet Accessories

Also, don’t worry that your knitter already has some of these accessories…they can always use more. One for their on-the-go project bag, one for their television knitting, another for their bed knitting. They will appreciate this thoughtful gift!

10. Rechargeable Necking Crafting Light (promotional link) – Never have I ever heard a knitter or crocheter say “There’s way too much light for me to do stitch work!”

Neck Light for Knitting and Crochet

And, these neck lights that are rechargeable and lightweight. And, you can position them to point directly at your work. They’ll give you just as much extra light as you want/need.

Current Knitting

So, hopefully you were distracted with all these great gift ideas. I’ve done very little knitting since Wednesday on my current project.

Honestly, I was also cleaning up the mess I made and re-inventorying everything after jamming all my shit into bins after my last craft show.

Cleaning Up After Craft Show and Inventory 11-10-23

Also, the ever-increasing stitch-count-per-row is well over 300 now. There’s that.

4 comments on “2023 Annual Holiday Gift List for Yarn Crafter

  1. Question about the winder: how does it store? I have the standard small winder plus a big one that doesn’t work well for smaller balls so I have two. I’d love to have one and donate the other two. Does the one you show break down for storage? How much space does it take up? (as you can see I am shopping for myself!) Thanks.
    By the way I bought the Lykke pink interchangeables which I really love. So thanks for recommending them. Smooth but not slippery. I bought the DP set too and love it for socks.

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