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It’s a Blogiversary!

It was 21 years ago (this past Saturday) that I posted my first ever, QueerJoe blog entry. Therefore, it’s a blogiversary.

When It’s a Blogiversary

Blogs are relatively new. Not many of them are over 25 years old. Because they simply didn’t exist that long ago. Short for weblog (I think), I only heard about them about 21 years ago when I knew I wanted to start one.

So traditions for a blogiversary are kind of unclear.  Does it require cake?

I will say, that over the decades, I have truly loved the communities that have sprung up around QueerJoe.  I have met some extraordinary people. And the things I’ve learned are innumerable. And the creativity and productivity I’ve documented over the years has been amazing. Having a whole cache of history and photos of the last 21 years of my life is a precious thing for me.

Just minutes ago, I was searching for a photo of Thaddeus and me that I need to post on Wednesday. That’s a very different kind of “versary”. And a very special one.

Hint:  It calls for gifting rubies (traditionally).

Current Knitting

I’m quite pleased to say that I’ve finished the latest NEMFKR Shawl and it came out quite well. At least it did in my less-than-humble opinion.

It ended up being about 60″ wide and 32″ tall and I’m quite pleased with it. I also started a new project.

Anica 11-13-23 01

This will eventually be the Anica Shawl in a fantastic yarn by The Verdant Gryphon called Bugga in colorway The Firefly Hunt. I’m not sure, but it appears their yarn is now only available in places like eBay.

13 comments on “It’s a Blogiversary!

  1. I rarely comment but have enjoyed and learned from your blog for most of the time you’ve been writing it and hope to continue for as long as it pleases you to post. Congratulations, and many thanks!

  2. Happy blogiversary ! I just cant remember how long I have been a follower. It seems a long time. You are the last of the blogs I used to look at that remains in activity. Thank you to hold on tight. I do appreciate both your comment on the spirit of the times and knitting. Have a nice time

      1. I’m with your blog pretty much from the beginning. First met up with you on the Original KnitList. Congratulations. Keep on blogging.

  3. Happy, happy blogiversary, Joe! Though I’m a newbie to your readership, seeing your posts in my inbox starts my days with a smile. Still more happy thoughts for yours and Thaddeus’ fortieth anniversary, a longevity record in most gay years!

  4. Seems sometimes like forever and other times just a few days when any anniversary comes up. Enjoy both and definitely cake for both. Hope you have many more celebrations.

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