When Life Calms Down - QueerJoe 11-20-23

When Life Calms Down

It seems I say this phrase often. So often, in fact that I’m doubtful I’ll ever get to a point when life calms down.

What Would It Be Like When Life Calms Down

Honestly, it’s really a lie I tell myself. My life will never get to a point where I don’t feel like I’m bustling. At least a little bit.

Throughout my life up to this point, I’ve always wanted to feel useful. As though I had a purpose. During my career decades, I often looked forward to a more relaxed time after retirement. And now in retirement, I set other false goals. My latest one is ending my craft show sales.

But I’ll still have plenty to keep me busy. The blog keeps me busy both writing and keeping up with knitting to have some content to post. Also, organizing the Men’s Knitting Retreats can be as small or as big as I want it to be. I also maintain five web sites. And again, I can make the web sites a huge job or a minor task. Depending on how much work I care to put in it. And perhaps the flexibility of being able to decide on how big something is can be a great way of being as busy as I want to be without letting life get onerous.

I feel very fortunate to be able to regulate how much activity and associated stress I have in my life. It helps me keep active and also makes me feel useful and productive. It also helps me from getting bored.

Where would you put yourself on the activity/stress thermometer?

Current Knitting

Over the weekend, I was able to finish knitting the latest Anica Shawl.

I love this colorway and how it ended up striping out like this. It’s unlike colors I have worked with in the past. Which often means, it will get a lot of attention on my craft show table.

I also started another Anica shawl.

Anica 11-20-23 03

I had run out of most of the medium-priced items in deeper, saturated tones, so I thought I’d add a couple of new items and see how they sell.

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  1. “When” is a four-letter word! I’m retiring from 2 large commitments by the end of February. My physician is thrilled! And it will mean for time for knitting!

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