Origami Needle Storage

Origami Needle Storage

I may have just come up with another gift idea for yarn-crafters! Someone sent me an Instagram post with this cool origami needle storage.

Origami Needle Storage – For Circular Cable Needles

Like many knitters ,over the years, I’ve accumulate quite a collection of circular cable needles. A friend sent me this Instagram video:

Before getting excited, the place making/selling these, is in Germany. And they don’t currently ship outside Germany.

Also, their case is made with “paper leather” (not sure if the German translation works here). I considered buying a few yards of this “fabric” and re-making my thick-paper version of it in my video. But then I did a more thorough consideration of it.

After successfully making one out of thick-ish brown paper, I’m not sure I’d use this case very much. It only holds 16 circular cable needles. And I have a LOT more than that. You can only put one needle in each wedge-section.

While I still think it’s a very cool idea, it’s not a practical idea for me.


Current Knitting

With the cutting, folding and very bad sewing I did on this little project, I didn’t get much done on my current shawlette.

Anica 11-22-23 01

But, I have to say, this Urth Uneek colorway is absolutely GORGEOUS!

Anica Yarn 11-22-23 01

Such unexpected colors to be combining in a self-striping format. But the shawlette is going to be my favorite so far, I think.

7 comments on “Origami Needle Storage

  1. The origami needle storage is a cool idea. I have a lot more than 16 circulars myself. The only way I could see this being useful is 1 container for each size needle, let’s say to store all of my size 7 needles with varying tip and cable lengths. I could then have a storage tote with all of my circulars organized by size and then by cable length within that. Still not terribly efficient. Looks cool though!

  2. As I only knit with corded circulars, organizing had been an ongoing struggle. A few years ago while shopping in Office Max/Depot/Whatever, a large supply of zippered pencil cases were on a must-buy clearance sale. I snagged every last one of them. Using a Sharpie, I “labeled” each case — basically, a flat sack much like an envelope with a zipper on top, and set them all in a large shoebox. Voila! No more tangled needles, easy to reach for the size needed.

    Is it your charisma or my impressionable nature, but each new shawl/scarf you present makes me want to knit it immediately.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Joe and Thaddeus! I’m grateful for your posts.

  3. Hi Joe! Just today I found this article of yours and was surprised, that you tried to replicate our product and even was going to “make a better version of it” πŸ™‚ As one of the product founders, it hurt me a bit but at the same time I know, that probably just means that we managed to create a very cool organiser. Thank you anyway for writing about us and tagging us! We are indeed shipping inside Germany only but starting January we will ship Europe-wide and I also hope someday in spring 2024 also to the USA or we find a partner in the USA, who will distribute our product. The translation is somewhat correct I guess, leather paper – its basically a vegan alternative to leather but at the same as robust as leather. We are planing to make more products for the knitters, also a storage for interchangeable needles and other cool staff. I am a knitter myself, so I know what is good for a knitter. We will also have an alternative to our origami needle storage for those who have more than 16 needles to house. πŸ™‚ Follow me on Insta @anna.allers and say hi to me πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Anna! Glad to hear from you.

      2 things:
      First – my version of your amazingly cool design wasn’t a very good attempt at making your needle organizer. When I wrote, “maker a better version of it”, I meant make my bad version of yours better…not improve your design. My sincere apologies if it looked like I was trying to steal your idea. I wouldn’t, and in fact, anytime you come up with other great organizing tools for knitters, feel free to let me know and I’ll promote them here to blog readers.

      Second – I love your new Merry Knitter version of the needle organizer…you items are really wonderful. I have followed you on Instagram and look forward to seeing more of your creativity.

      1. Joe, thank you for your sweet reply πŸ™‚ There was indeed a misunderstanding from my side! I am relieved, as this is of course my biggest fear, you know being copied because as a small creator, I know we will not be able to protect us from it much. I am happy you liked our product and once again, thank you for your reply and your message on Instagram πŸ’œ Stay healthy and happy holidays ahead!

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