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A Bounty of Gratitude

Anyone who reads QueerJoe…even just intermittently, knows that I am blessed. And for that, I have a bounty of gratitude.

Thankful List Makes It Easy To Have A Bounty of Gratitude

When asked to recite a gratitude list at Thanksgiving meal, I am never at a loss. Here’s my top-10 list.

Gratitude List

  1. Family – My greatest blessing is my family. Thaddeus and I have a most amazing relationship. I rely on him extensively for all things emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual. Our families of origin are also most amazing. They are both supportive, loving and wonderful.
  2. Friends – The people that fall into this category can be either a very select circle or a much wider group of people I love. And the group overlaps with the last category and the next category as well. At my age, I value those people who know me and love me more than I can express.
  3. Community – While I have very few ties to my local neighborhood, the people I call community is vast and quite amazing. The idea that I will never feel like I don’t have a multitude of people to whom I can turn when I need support in any way is wonderful and satisfying.
  4. Health – As I age, I never take this for granted. I’ll be grateful for as long as my health continues to support all that I enjoy doing.
  5. Interests and Activities – Mostly, this is all my yarn-related activities. But also my games and puzzle playing, reading and biking as well. They all keep me engaged, interested, inquisitive and motivated.
  6. Finances – I’ve always been fortunate to have both a balanced view of the importance of money in my life, as well as always having sufficient.
  7. Home – We moved to the most perfect place. I’m so grateful for a place where I feel safe and nurtured.
  8. Local Area – We live in a most beautiful area. Living in a river town, that’s also a former artist colony has made us feel like we were on vacation most of our lives here. From the wonderful restaurants and the fantastic biking trails, we are truly blessed.
  9. Mental Capacity – The ability to learn and use that learning to create joy has always been something I valued.
  10. Finn – Along with all the fur-friends I have loved, I am grateful for this little guy.
Finn in Cat Cave 11-24-23

Current Knitting

As you may have noticed in the feature photo for today’s blog entry, I was able to finish the latest Anica Shawl.

It is my favorite so far. Mostly because of the amazing colors in this yarn. I’m kinda hoping this one doesn’t sell at the craft show next weekend.

I’ve also started one last Anica Shawl that will hopefully be finished in time for the show.

Anica 11-24-23 04

It’s using a light-fingering weight yarn called Delish by Decadent fibers. It’s a delight to work with this soft/squishy yarn…Delish is an appropriate name for it.

2 comments on “A Bounty of Gratitude

  1. Joe, Your “Gratitude List” is beautiful. Thank you for sharing such lovely thoughts on the occasion of this holiday. Reading this list brings to mind many things we take for granted on a daily basis, and these help to bring to mind what is important as we journey through life. Thank you!

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