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My Television Debut?

Have you ever seen one of your designs show up on a television show? I thought I might have had my first television debut.

Was It Really My Television Debut?

Adam Groff knit hat sex education smile-happy

Spoiler alert…no, it wasn’t.

Recently, we’ve been watching the series, Sex Education on Netflix. I don’t highly recommend this show, but I find it entertaining and enjoyable.

We just started Season 2 and in the second episode, one of the characters (Adam Groff, played by Connor Swindells) wore a hat the looked like my Activity Cap design.

Its A Success - Activity Cap - Full Cap in Bottle Green AC0010 03 cropped

I was very excited and went about trying to find out if it was my design. It had the earflaps. It looked like the headband portion was double-thick fabric like mine.

To be honest, I think my excitement clouded my thinking.

When Thaddeus started scrolling through the episode, most of the scenes with the hat were quick, short and a bit dark. It let me fill in characteristics of the hat that didn’t really even exist. Thaddeus took a few screenshot/stills of the show. Turns out the hat is really just a rather plain commercially knit cap. It probably doesn’t even have earflap shaping. The hat was just pulled down over the ears to make it look that way.

I confirmed it definitely wasn’t my design by looking at my publishing date. It was a full year after the airing of the episode.

Oh well…one day my knit designs may show up on screen.

Current Knitting

Despite a lot of knitting, I wasn’t quite able to finish the latest Anica Shawl.

There’s a lot of yardage in this yarn. 490 yards to be exact. So there are a few more VERY LONG repeats on this shawl than the last few I’ve knit.

Anica 11-27-23 03

See?!?! Already it’s pretty big! I’ll definitely have it finished in time for my craft show this coming weekend in Stockton, NJ. I was kind of hoping to finish one more Anica before then. Not sure if I’ll make that now.

8 comments on “My Television Debut?

    1. Kind of a silly premise with a lot of plot devices that you really need to get past to enjoy it. There’s also a lot of gratuitous scenes of sex and sexuality that feel really contrived. But it’s got some great actors, LGBTQ themes and some really fun and funny moments. So I don’t not recommend it, but just know that it’s casual entertainment.

  1. That makes sense. I enjoyed it. I loved the actors and the characterizations and that it is queer-friendly. Not profound, but fun.

  2. Ah, you two young’uns, you and Thaddeus! You know it’s love when your honey takes the time to create screen shots to see if it really is your design on the actor’s head. Yours looks far better. Cheers for a good week, whatever that means to you.

  3. I was going to buy it to, but when I went to Ravelry I discovered that I had already bought it. I am proud of my earlier self.

  4. Joe back in the day I did knit for designers. I am quite positive I did see one sweater I had knit on a local newscaster.

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