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Knitting Catastrophe

I was going to call this blog entry, “Minor Knitting Catastrophe.” But I almost felt as though the word “minor” would be redundant.

Aren’t All Knitting Catastrophes Minor?

I wanted to wash and block the three most recently completed Anica shawls. Mostly so they’d be clean and dry by this weekend’s craft show. Somehow, during the soaking/spinning of the three shawls, I snagged the yarn on the one made with Urth Uneek Fingering and the yarn broke.

It looked like I had just stretched out one of the eyelets, so I tried to manipulate it back into shape. What I ended up doing instead was dropping about 4 or 5 rows of the lace section of the shawl.

I think I’ll see if I and frog back the last section and re-knit it after re-attaching the yarn. About one-third of the shawl will need to be re-done. And that’s assuming I can un-knit/frog the blocked shawl.

Most likely, this beautiful shawl will not make it into inventory by this weekend’s show. But fortunately, I really loved this colorway and the resulting shawl.

I may just wear it myself. Thaddeus and I have started walking instead of biking now that it’s gotten really cold here. Maybe it will be a perfect neck/face warmer?

Hope so.

Anyone local think they might be able to get to my show in Stockton NJ this weekend? It’s a fun one for me. My table is right next to a good friend, Nora. She makes and sells really nice jewelry.

Current Knitting

I was able to finish the most recent Anica Shawl in time to block it with the other two.

It’s really a fantastic shawl and the colorway is rich and lush. I imagine it will sell.

I also started a fourth one.

Anica 11-29-23 06

This one is done with a naturally, hand-dyed yarn from CabinBoyKnits. I know I saved the label somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it at the moment.

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