Anica Unravelled

Anica Unravelled

With limited time before tomorrow’s craft show, I opted to see if I could finish fixing the shawl. Thus Anica was unravelled.

Getting Anica Unravelled and Fixed Wasn’t Too Hard

I was concerned it would be difficult to find the woven-in end after finishing this lovely shawl.

It wasn’t…superwash made it a lot easier.

I was a bit worried that the washing of the shawl might have made it difficult to frog.

Again, it wasn’t. And again, superwash yarn made it a lot easier.

There was a lot less anxiety about picking up stitches. And that lessened anxiety was warranted. Picking up stitches was quite simple.

Finally, I wasn’t sure if I could do the longest 1/3rd of the shawl again by today.

Turns out I could

Repair Managed 12-01-23 01

I will have to wet-block it so that the last section is equally as even as the first section. But I should have time to do that before the show tomorrow morning.

Current Knitting

Fixing the last Anica Shawl did require that I put down the latest Anica Shawl project that I was working on. But I was still able to make a lot of progress on that one too.

Anica 12-01-23 03

In all likelihood, I won’t be able to finish this one in time for the craft show. But I think this one would be less likely to sell anyway. Although, I’m not a great judge of that lately.

We’ll see.

3 comments on “Anica Unravelled

  1. Your knitting diagnostics skills are unusual and outstanding. I love how you can quickly analyze and skillfully fix all kinds of knitting problems. Although I don’t know whether this skill can be taught, but a “knitting fixer” class would be a winner.

  2. You are always amazing and so fast. Like several insanely prolific knitting friends, I’m pretty sure there are elves involved somewhere along the line.
    Best wishes for the craft fair and the other Anica Shawl.

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