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Goodbye Craft Show Life

Similar to when I retired from my work life, there was some sadness to saying goodbye to the craft show life. But for the most part…

Much Not To Be Sad About Saying Goodbye To A Craft Show Life

Mostly, the set up and the breakdown for a show is a lot of work. Both physically and with organizing all the details. Schlepping everything from my basement and fitting it all into my car. Only to have to schlepp it into the craft show venue and repack it all into the car after the show and schlepp it back to the basement. It may not sound like much. But it gets tired real fast. And so do I these days.

I have gotten relatively efficient at this back and forth process and refined my display so it works well.

Fortunately, this last show was a success. I love my interactions with most of the other vendors and the ones I enjoyed interactive with, were bummed I wouldn’t be back next year. That was very nice.

I also loved chatting with the people that came to the show. I met some wonderful folks and saw some from prior years that it was nice to see again.

And as a great send-off, I also did well this past weekend.

I still have quite a bit of inventory, but I sold about 25 items. Surprisingly, I don’t think I sold any fingerless mitts. So weird how different items ebb and flow in how popular they are.

Overall, I’m happy.

Current Knitting

I started a simple garter-striped scarf that I could work on during lulls at the show. But I don’t have a photo.

I also started a small/quick project for a friend. She specifically requested it at the show, and I had the yarn.

Keyhole Scarf 12-04-23

After I’ve re-organized a bit and settled back into a normal knitting schedule, my next blog post will be a bit more coherent.

9 comments on “Goodbye Craft Show Life

  1. Where do you sell online? I would love to treat myself to
    a Joe-Knit ! Please keep blogging on all things!
    Best Judy

  2. Ooh, a sale, you say? Thanks for the heads-up, should it indeed happen. Small brag here: on Friday, we were invited to a neighbor’s home to celebrate another neighbor’s 88th birthday, today. That gave me three days to whip up a gift for a dear woman who I’ve created random acts of knitting for in the recent past. Using a nearly chunky yarn from Briggs & Little, I began a “May I Borrow This, Please” shawl with size 10 1/2 needles and, voila, it is currently drying with the aid of a ceiling fan and light. Good start to the week. Cheers to you, Joe.

    1. Good question, and difficult to answer. Most of the hats will fit my head (when measured around the part of my head that will cover the ears. That measure 23 inches (59 cm).
      A couple of the hats have a lot more stretch (the colorful striped hats) and will tighten or loosen to a much more varied head size. Others (the thermal crochet caps) don’t have very much elasticity at all. I’m considering having an open chat session open for any specific questions on sizing, or how soft/coarse a yarn is etc. when I have the sale if that will help.

  3. You have done great service to your knitting community.You should be proud of what you have accomplished. A what you have given back to people.

  4. I’m a new follower of you and your knitting. Sale next week? Please include me! I hope you aren’t going to close down your website!

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