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Retirement Sale!

Setting up a virtual retirement sale takes a lot more work than preparing for an in-person craft show sale. Except for the physical schlepping.

There’s No Schlepping In a Virtual Retirement Sale

After my last craft show, there were almost 100 items still in my inventory (98 to be exact). Fortunately, most of those items were already set up and ready to sell on the web site ( Entering all my items into a sales database made craft show sales and tracking inventory really easy.

For the most part, it also made switching from in-person sales to virtual sales pretty easy too.

But first I had to re-inventory everything (to make sure I really had it for sale). And then I needed to re-price everything with a sales price. I also needed to make sure there were photos of all the items for sale, since photos weren’t necessary for craft show sales.

Anyway, I am now almost all ready to have a blow-out sale of any remaining items.

Reason For Retirement

An on-line friend asked me if there was any unspoken motive for my craft show retirement. There isn’t, except maybe for how difficult lugging tables, bins and display items had become. I usually had a sore back for a week or two after each show. And I guess there are always annoying aspects to almost anything I do. And the craft shows had some of that too. Disorganized show coordinators, annoying co-vendors at shows and of course the annoying non-customers (rude, insulting craft-show attendees who didn’t buy anything anyway).

But suffice it to say, I’m not sick or dying or anything like that

Details of the Sale

All hand-knit/crochet items that I have in inventory are on sale starting Saturday, December 9, 2023 (might start at midnight…not sure how the sale-scheduling works on my web site). Hats, fingerless mitts, shawls, cowls, scarves and even the one knitted cross-body bag I have remaining.

I will also be doing a 2-hour, live, virtual craft show via Facebook Messenger video chat on Saturday, December 9th at 12:45 pm (Eastern U.S./Canada time) until 2:45. I will display anything folks would like to see. Answer questions, describe textures, model and provide as much help as I can in 2 hours.

Some folks have decided they’d like to purchase items before the sale, at the full craft-show price (they wanted to make sure they got the item they wanted and were willing to forego the sale price). You’ll have until midnight Friday (tonight) to do that if you’ve had your eye on something.

Hope to see you at the live event. Apologies for those who aren’t on Facebook…if anyone has any questions about an item (sizing, fiber content, softness, etc.), I’d be glad to chat directly in any way that works for you.

Let the sale begin!

Current Knitting

I was able to finish the quick/bulky gift for a friend.

This simple keyhole scarf makes for a very manageable way to keep one’s neck warm. She had one that I made for her, but had lost it, so I’m replacing it.

I also made a lot of progress on the Frankenscarf with leftover yarns.

I’ll probably make this wider than most of my craft show scarves. It will make it more versatile, but less aesthetically pleasing to look at. But aesthetics wasn’t what I was going for on this project anyway.

3 comments on “Retirement Sale!

  1. Best wishes for the retirement sale! And I love the texture and soft colors of your key hole scarf. What is the stitch?
    Enjoy your non craft show knitting and crochet projects!

  2. This sounds really fun. Maybe you will end up only retiring from live craft shows. Glad you aren’t dying or anything! Have fun!

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