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Holiday Rush

It’s an age-old story on the KnitList and other knitting forums. Knitters who over-commit and start to feel the holiday rush.

The Holiday Rush Is Real People

I always had a lot of disdain for the knitters and crocheters (and other crafters) who overcommitted to making holiday gifts. Why would you put yourself through that unnecessary pressure? A simple “no” would eliminate all that. Right?

Well, here I am with all this self-induced pressure to finish knitting projects in time for holiday celebrations. And it’s already Hanukkah. And Christmas is a mere two weeks away. I’m grateful I don’t need gifts for any of the other various December holidays.

Fortunately, I have finished two items since Friday. Well, one was re-finished. But I’ve also taken on a few more projects than I anticipated. <sigh> A simple “no”…remember that next year.

One of the customers at my craft show last weekend purchased a snug cowl and wanted to purchase more…5-8 more. I had two already complete. And they don’t take that long to make. But it pushes off three other gifts I wanted to see if I could finish before Christmas.

Suffice it to say, I can’t wait for Spring.

Current Knitting

First of all, after finishing the keyhole neck warmer, I thought it could be longer. So I unraveled the last section and added a couple of inches to it.

I know it doesn’t look any different. But I’m much happier.

The Frankenscarf was also completed.

That’s a gift for myself. So, at least I’m taken care of. And I LOVE it!

Finally, I had two snug cowls finished. I made a third and started a fourth.

The current one will be a solid color. It’s actually purple, not royal blue. I’ll send the customer a photo tomorrow and adjust accordingly.

Wish me luck!

Craft Show Retirement

Thanks to all who participated in any way with my craft show efforts. I considered the virtual show to be kind of a bust. I did get to have a great conversation with a friend from high school. She’s fantastic and it was fantastic catching up.

All my craft show items remaining are still on sale until Friday on the web site in case you need anything last-minute.

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