Adjusting My Knitting Volume 12-13-23 01

Adjusting My Knitting Volume

The ending of craft show sales, means I’ll be adjusting my knitting volume. And along with that, I’ll be modifying how much yarn I purchase. Maybe.

Just How Much Will I Be Adjusting My Knitting Volume?

Well, how many scarves, hats, shawls and mitts, etc. can a two-person family wear? Or gift to extended family?

I feel like an empty-nester parent who continues to cook meals for way too many people.

Shopping for yarn and planning my next knitting projects has become kind of habitual. I look for projects that will be appealing on a craft show table. Or that will make some profit over the cost of the yarn.

It’s going to take a while to decide on what I want to knit. And then plan my yarn purchases (or stash-diving) appropriately.

Fortunately, for the moment, I am still knitting for a craft show audience (well, one customer). At least until the end of this week. And I am trying to under-promise and over-achieve. I told him I’d have 5 cowls finished by Friday, but I’m hoping to finish six by Thursday. And perhaps make a couple more if he needs/wants them.

Another fortunate thing…I did sell quite a few items so far in the retirement sale (which lasts until this Friday). So if you know anyone looking to buy hand-knits, there are a lot of really good deals. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions about items, since you can’t see/feel/try on anything virtually.

Anyway…I’m sure I’ll adjust eventually. But I did just recently place two yarn orders. The first one came in very quickly.

Yes, I ordered some Uneek Fingering by Urth Yarns in both their rainbow colorway (called Harmony) and in two other colorways that I really like. I have a good idea of what I’ll be doing with one of them. And a very foggy idea of what I’ll be doing with the others.

What do other compulsive knitters do?

Current Knitting

I finished the fourth snug cowl and started the fifth.

Snug Cowls 12-13-23 01

This is a simple pattern I wrote up to teach a class on helical knitting at the Men’s Knitting Retreat. Glad I never published it, because at least one of the important numbers is wrong. Let me know if anyone would like the pattern and I’ll be happy to send it to you. If there’s enough interest, I’ll make corrections and publish it.

I also started a new piece of holiday knitting.

Support Chicken 12-13-23 01

Anyone care to guess what it will be?

7 comments on “Adjusting My Knitting Volume

      1. The colors seem to have gone from 3 blues/1 peach to 2/1 to 1/1. Is that right?

        Possibly, you also started 1/1, 2/1 then 3/1 but I can’t quite fathom that out.

        I love helix hats and cowls but I really like the stripes of that one sort of drifting off.

        That might really be fun in black and white . . .

  1. I would be interested in the snug cowl pattern.
    This fall I was wearing one in the yard and I was too warm so I put the cowl in my pocket. Later I realized it was lost. Would you believe it was the exact same colors as the leaves on the lawn?

  2. Okay, Joe, do you take a bad photo of yourself?? I am interested in the snug cowl pattern. After learning of hikes in our mortgage payment and condo dues starting next month, I took a deep breath and promised hubby and myself that I would not buy new yarn. It’s like a cold-turkey situation. Oy.

  3. Now seems to be a good opportunity to deep dive into new projects that would not have been suitable for craft shows but will be satisfying for you to knit. Being different projects they might even need some different yarn. Just saying.
    Would definitely like the pattern for the snug cowl. Have done Helix knitting – used three long colour change yarns in a circular shawl intended for a baby but being used by my daughter. Found it enjoyable but rather not have to figure out numbers and such for a new project. Know several in my family who might wear it and I have to get some stash used up.

  4. My knitting never slowed down, when people stopped wanting more, i just put it aside for charity. Knitting is the feel, the color, the play.

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