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Advice To Christians

During the holiday season, on-line forums seem to bring out some of the shittiest so-called-Christians. So for this time of year, here’s my advice to Christians.

Advice To Christians – Remember Your Primary Purpose

Ask most Christians what their primary purpose is and you might get a variety of answers.

  • Love others like Christ did.
  • Bring others to Christ’s community.
  • Save souls from burning in hell (including one’s own).

Rarely will you ever find people answer with:

  • Show others how much better of a Christian I am than they are.
  • Look for reasons to be aggrieved about non-Christian ideas and express the grievance far and wide.
  • Hate groups for going against my religion’s interpretation of the bible.

First of all, let me say, I know a lot of amazingly wonderful people. Christians and non-Christians alike. And this message could go out to anyone of any spiritual flavor.

“Determine your primary purpose and stick to it.”

– QueerJoe

A lot of people I know have wandered away from religion (or run very fast away from it) in the last decade or so. The people looking to join your church, temple, mosque, sect etc. are really looking for a community. So you might consider representing your religious/spiritual community as the kind of person you’d like to attract.

Even if creating community isn’t your primary purpose, once you’ve decided what it is for you, represent yourself in line with that purpose.

What Not To Do

I’ll give two Facebook posts I’ve seen that are clearly antithetical to your purpose:

Politically Incorrect
Why are people upset that I love Jesus

Both of these indicate some delusion on the part of the person posting it. Delusion that there is anyone that gives a shit about their religion or their belief in God or Jesus. This inane idea that we get angry when you say Merry Christmas is just ridiculous. The second one is such an arrogant example of not-so-humble bragging that it’s obvious why she sees so many upset people around her. Truly, it’s not because she loves Jesus.

Before you knee-jerk-share some ass-hat’s meme on social media, you might want to ask yourself, will this bring more people to understanding my ideas about Jesus? Will what I post attract the kind of loving community I’m looking for?

I know…QueerJoe giving spiritual advice…hurts my brain a bit too. But as an outsider, I can let all the shitty so-called Christians know that they inspire a lot more hate than love sometimes.

Current Knitting

I finished the in-progress cowl and one more cowl since Wednesday.

I’ve also started another one which I hope to finish today. Well-exceeded my goal for a week of cowl knitting.

11 comments on “Advice To Christians

  1. Oooh! I know the answer to the “why are people upset…” post!!! It’s because if you reeeeeeeally love him, you’d act more like him. You’d follow his example of radical inclusion and loving kindness. You’d be a compassionate presence. You’d let his light shine through you–that’s the point! We’re not upset that you love him, we’re upset because you’re being an ecclesiastical twatwaffle. 🙂

  2. As a non-practicing Jew, I would seriously consider joining the ranks of the Gospel According to QJ! Once again, Joe, you made my morning. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and loving humor. Okay, socks for my husband, and then your cowl pattern! They look lovely.

  3. Twatwaffles to say the least! Cracked me
    Up. As an atheist with Buddhist leanings who grew up in a fairly liberal Protestant family who has welcomed Catholics and Jews and people of color (so far all Christian but….), and gender/sexual orientation diverse, and atheists all in I can say it is possible. Ok not the entire extended family is not very down with the gender diversity, but they are pretty old (and I may say married in!) so I hold out hope that their grandchildren will at least be more understanding. I think some people are just so sheltered and defensive they see anything different as threatening. Also the high level right wing doesn’t give a twatwaffle about religion—they just use it to fan the flames of their mislead followers. I wish you luck with your campaign to encourage people to be more thoughtful, but I have deep doubts that the people who post that sort of thing are much represented in your readership.

    Happy Solstice!

    1. I don’t argue that we should or shouldn’t have religious community. But for the people who do think there should be such a thing, I give sage advice on how to work toward that. But honestly, the advice can be applied to a lot of communities or just social interactions.

    1. Just sent you and e-mail with the pattern. I wrote it up as part of a workshop on helical striped knitting for the Men’s Knitting Retreats. I’m happy to send it to anyone that would like it.

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