Best Tip For Bloggers - 12-20-23

Best Tip For Bloggers

One of the most common “best tip for bloggers” is to post frequently. Well duh. That’s somewhat intuitive and not really a tip.

QueerJoe’s Best Tip For Bloggers

Perhaps blogging is no longer a thing. And nobody reads blogs anymore. My web site traffic statistics would indicate otherwise. So I’ll continue to blog. But honestly, blogging for me is like journaling. There’s a lot of personal gain I get from doing it. Whether anyone reads it or not.

So…the tip. Back in August of 2013 I did a month of daily photos that I found interesting. It was a challenge coming up with 31 photos that I considered to be artistic, aesthetically interesting and might appeal to readers of a queer-knitting blog.

Photo A Day 08-31-13

I highly recommend doing this if you’re a blogger. It was over 10 years ago now. And I still find myself constantly looking for photo subjects that I might use in the blog. A simple photo of something interesting, beautiful and/or unusual can even be the source of a blog entry topic

Today’s feature photo was found during a recent walk along the Delaware River in New Jersey. I don’t know who took the time to create a little house for river stones out of a tree trunk. But I automatically pulled out my camera and took some photos of it.

The month-long search for photos 10 years ago has put me into a life-long habit of always taking photos of anything that grabs my eye. Which in turn, gives me a trove of content and ideas for blog entries.

Current Knitting

Fevered pitch is how I’d describe my knitting of these hens.

Emotional Support Chickens 12-20-23 01

You’ll note that I’ve got 2 hens almost complete, with two more to go.

Emotional Support Chickens 12-20-23 02

This one seems to have a judgmental look. Instead of being an emotional support chicken, she seems to be saying…”Just keep knitting…you’ve got a long way to go.”

3 comments on “Best Tip For Bloggers

  1. That chicken does seem to be a bit judge-y.
    I always enjoy your pictures and your blogs in general. I read lots of blogs and yours is one of my very favorites. Thanks for all the information you impart, and for the laughs too. Happy New Year.

  2. Your camera captures amazing colors.
    The tree trunk is magic. At the Florence Griswold Museum in Old Lyme. artists are invited to create outdoor moments on the grounds for the annual Wee Faerie Village. Alas, I missed it this year due to Covid….. It’s a great event!
    Love your chicken. My brother has chickens. At times they do have a suspicious, judge-y look. “Human! Ugh!”
    Best wishes for more Season and the New Year.

  3. Hi Joe – I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while but not sure if I’ve ever commented. I’d like you to know how much I enjoy this space, your humor and wisdom, and I really appreciate that you are still posting often. As long as you keep writing, I for one will keep reading! Thanks & hope you all have a lovely and safe holiday

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