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Lots Of Finishing

With my latest round of “chicken chicken”, I may have misunderestimated the amount of finishing. Lots of finishing!

What Constitutes Lots of Finishing?

When I was looking at trying to jam in a lot of knitting before seeing family for Christmas, I thought I’d be able to get it all done. And with even a little time to spare maybe.

But then I finished the first chicken.

  • Knitted a comb and waddle for his head and his chin.
  • Knitted the bottom section.
  • Inserted eyes.
  • Began sewing up beak and neck seams.
  • Started sewing in bottom section.
  • Stuffing
  • More sewing
  • More stuffing
  • Finishing sewing
  • Weaving in ends

Many readers know that I don’t mind “finishing” work on hand-knits. But there is a LOT of finishing for each of these chickens. Mostly tons of sewing and tons of weaving in ends. At least more than I anticipated.

Fortunately, I just have to weave in ends to secure them. I can let the ends hang inside the finished chicken and let the stuffing help secure them.

Still yet, it’s going to be closer than I expected. With a higher chance of missing my deadline.

Current Knitting

So far, I’ve completed one full chicken, completed the knitting of two more chickens, and made a lot of progress on the knitting of the fourth chicken.

Emotional Support Chickens 12-22-23 01

I also had to order some more poly-fil to stuff the little buggers. Fortunately that has already arrived in plenty of time.

Anyone else having an exciting pre-Christmas time?

7 comments on “Lots Of Finishing

  1. Your chickens are wonderful. No judge-y look now.
    As always, great colors. Best wishes for crossing the finish line!
    And Merry Christmas!

  2. Joe, I ordered the kit as a Christmas present to myself, and find the pattern *rife* with errors. There have been comments on the pattern’s ravelry page, but no errata to be found anywhere. Did I just get an early print version? Did you encounter errors in the pattern? Help!

    (I will contact The Knitting Tree when they reopen next week, but would like to work on this now)

    1. Hi Kate…yes…I found a few errors and wrote to Knitting Tree LA about them…hopefully they’ll have an errata. Here’s what I found:

      – After picking up and knitting 73 stitches and knitting 7 rows, “Rows 9(WS)-18” has two errors:
      1. WS should be RS (I think – if Row 1 is a RS row then Row 9 should be too, unless I’m misunderstanding something)
      2. The block for tracking row 18 is missing (which caused me to knit the wrong number of rows)
      3. Finally, on the “Beak” section, I’m not sure what is meant by “With right side facing out” – It’s clear from the photos that you should be on the RS to work the first row of the beak.

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