Official Dad

Official Dad

To be an official dad, it doesn’t require siring and/or raising a child. Or having a Fans-Only page showing off dad-bod photos.

What Makes and Official Dad?

The way you can really tell when you’ve made it to dad-ship is by the gifts you receive at Christmas. A tie. Old Spice products. And of course, the time-honored favorite gift of all dads, the electric razor.

Remington Electric Razor - 12-25-23 01

Now I realize, it’s not a Norelco (or a Noëlco) like I used to watch on the various animated Christmas shows on television.

But Remington is a good brand (as per many on-line reviews).

Now, I did specifically request this as a gift. But I still feel initiated into the realm of official dad-ship.

Current Knitting

I was able to finish all four Emotional Support Chickens.

Emotional Support Chickens 12-25-23 01

No surprise that I liked them way more than the young children that got them as gifts. But in this case, it was always more about me and my feelings than theirs. I know…selfish right?

I did pick up a cowl project and a hat project, but there’s no rush right now. Nor was there really enough progress to take blog photos.

Have a merry Christmas all.

Santa Joe

11 comments on “Official Dad

  1. Thanks for the Christmas wishes, Pop. If it makes you feel any better about it, my hubby received a new set of foils for his electric razor and a new pair of slippers – each from the cat (Mr. Misha) as the two of us never exchange presents. And I think those chickens are amazing.

  2. Best wishes to both of you for a lovely Christmas and many more satisfying chickens and other great projects in the coming New Year! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and emotional support creations with me and my beloved golden cat this year.

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