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Holiday Continues

Yes, the holiday continues. As does some holiday knitting. And believe it or not, craft show knitting continues as well.

Craft Show Knitting and Holiday Continues

Thaddeus’ sister Michelle is quite an amazing baker. She’s famous (in my mind) for the three different items in the feature photo. Nut roll, Russian teacakes and apricot thimble cookies. Since we didn’t get a chance to visit them for Christmas this year, she sent a most wonderful gift.

We’ll also be hosting a Christmas lunch with a longtime friend today. And exchanging gifts. I wanted to finish a knitted item for her before the lunch.

Which brings me to the topic of making use of knitting workshop materials.

A couple of years ago, I was putting together Men’s Knitting Retreat workshop and a tutorial video on helical knitting. I needed some examples I could show and I also needed a project that would make a useable object. A project that could be finished in a day or two. I came up with the Snug Cowl using multi-color-striped helixes as the project.

These cowls came in handy at the craft show and in addition to selling all of them, I also got an order to make five more for this past Christmas. Which I did.

I also had a small knitted piece made with helical stripes as a demo model for the workshop. Finn got to use it yesterday to keep his scruff warm.

I honestly thought he’d hate having it on him. But he hardly noticed it. He’s mellowed out a LOT.

Finally, my friend who will be over for lunch today indicated interested in a cowl. So I decided to try and make two so she could choose which one she wanted. I’ve finished one (see below in Current Knitting).

Current Knitting

There was also a request at my last craft show to try and help a customer replace a lost hat she had purchased from me. This was the hat and I think the Noro yarn that was used to make it:

Customer Hat and Noro Yarn

I don’t have any of that yarn remaining and it’s discontinued. I didn’t care to pay about $50 for a hat she might not even want, so I opted to purchase some alternate Noro yarns and make a couple hats to offer her instead.

Spiral West Coast Watchcap - 12-27-23 01

I’ve not made a lot of progress so far.

Mainly because I was also working on the Snug Cowls for my friend.

I’ll see if I can finish the second one before our lunch today.

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