Mushrooms - The Solution To Everything

Mushrooms – The Solution To Everything

Arthritis? Depression? Inflammation? Petroleum pollution? Need a tasty meal? It seems as though mushrooms are the solution to everything.

Really? Mushrooms Are The Solution to EVERYTHING?!?!

No, obviously not really. But it’s quite amazing some of the things they can do.

Living with an amateur mycologist, we have found a lot of solutions to issues in our life with mushrooms.

Lately, Thaddeus has some arthritic inflammation in his hand. He found a company that makes a coffee and a cocoa mix that infuses their product with mushrooms:

  • Lion’s Mane – helps with cognitivie decline
  • Chaga – Not technically a mushroom but has anti-aging properties
  • Turkey Tail – Immune defense
  • Maitake (Hen of the woods) – evens out glucose levels
  • Wood Ear – fiber and antioxidants
  • Reishi – emotional and physical relaxation
  • Cordyceps – energy and vitality
  • Oyster – anti-inflammatory

I tried the cocoa and it’s a very rich and tasty cocoa. Thaddeus also liked the coffee very much. Hopefully he’ll get some of the side-benefits of the mushrooms.

Then, there’s psilocybin, or magic mushroom that may actually rewire the brain to help with depression or other general mental health issues

Did you know that some mushrooms can actually decontaminate petroleum waste/pollution in soil?

The feature photo for today’s blog entry is a burger from a small Japanese burger chain that piles a very delicious (and healthy) mushroom on top. And shockingly, the price is very inexpensive.

I am always very wary of anyone who has the “answer” to all life’s ills. But I am glad that one of the first places we turn in our family when we have issues, is to a delicious and healthy way of trying to fix them.

Current Knitting

I was able to finish the second Snug Cowl in time to give it as a gift.

I love how this yarn (Mighty Stitch worsted by KnitPicks – acrylic and wool) reacts to a single color-stripe in helical knitting. Sometimes the double-round-stripe will obscure the single-round-stripe.

I also did a bit more work on the West-Coast Watchcap in two colorways of Kureyon.

I love how Noro can make a knitted fabric that is both sublime in color combinations and rustic at the same time. Very talented yarn dyers. Also, Doug asked on Facebook how the spiral ribbing was done and this was my answer:

Much more difficult to write out and read than it is to do.

5 comments on “Mushrooms – The Solution To Everything

  1. Our family was part of the Connecticut-Westchester Mycological Association (COMA) and Mushroom U was our spring class for years (pre-pandemic). One thing that made it so much fun was the pot-luck lunches full of mushroomy goodness. Mushroom U was an absolute blast, especially with the iconic Gary Lincoff as our maestro! Gary’s teachings were like magic on our mushroom escapades. Take a peek at his legacy on – that guy was a true fungi wizard!
    At Mushroom U I learned about dyeing with mushrooms. Have you tried that?

      1. Me too- I’m not interested in dyeing yarn. But it is nice to know that some experts use mushrooms to do so!

  2. I know of a company that is developing a durable leather alternative with mushrooms, creating a biodegradable sustainable fabric! I think it’s so cool!

  3. Apparently there’s even a fungus that can eat plastic waste in the ocean! I love mushrooms and a mix I take daily has helped me with energy and focus. I think we’re just starting to discover the magic of mushrooms.🍄

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