The Perfect Green

The Perfect Green

Green has always been my favorite color. Even though it’s not a great color for me to wear. As a knitter, I have long looked for the perfect green.

In Search of the Perfect Green

I was sitting in one of my standard places where I knit. I looked across the room to a gift I got this past holiday (the bowl in the feature photo above).

The sun was streaming in on a slant which showed off two different aspects of the green color of this bowl. The bright green bag behind it and the tan graphic design on the bowl helped show off the richness of the green glaze on this bowl. The rich, smooth and lustrous green made me quite happy. And honestly, this isn’t usually the shade of green that catches my attention.

I usually gravitate toward the more sharp and bright greens. I describe my favorite greens as acid-y or toxic-waste-slime-green.

Automatically on a chart like this, I get excited with colors like Green Lizard or Sheen Green. And when picking out yarn, I often do the same.

The bottom-left two balls of yarn would definitely be my preferred choices.

But today’s view of the bowl made me realize that I admire greens in relation to other colors and shades. It’s probably true of all colors, but since I focus mostly on green, I see the impact of putting something green next to other colors makes all the difference.

You can see this a lot in the Double Hitch shawl I’m working on with the various greens in the Uneek Fingering yarn.

Half Hitch Shawl - 01-03-24 03

I love when the colors I use in my knitting can make me so happy.

Current Knitting

Made a lot of progress on the Double Hitch shawl by Martina Behm.

Truly loving the colors in this colorway of Uneek Fingering. Unexpected, and really beautiful together. I was rather surprised to find I had never made a Hitchhiker by Martina Behm before. But Close To You and Anica are both very similar in shape. The Double Hitch and the Hitchhiker are just less lacy.

4 comments on “The Perfect Green

  1. I have issues with green, too. When I had my colors done some 25+ years ago, the only shades of green I could wear were a very dark forest green, like the lowest right, or a sage green, like the top left. In other words, the bluer greens, while you seem to lean towards the yellower greens. I will knit in other shades if the item is for someone else, but I just don’t enjoy working with those colors as much. Whereas, I never met a blue or purple I didn’t like.

    My cousin was a textile designer whose colors were the exact opposite of mine–she did olives and rusts and browns. When she died I inherited her yarn. Anything knit with it will be for someone else.

  2. Early 90’s, I went into the Gap store and had the employee pick out clothes for me to try on. She pulled an Apple Green t-shirt that up into that day, I would have never tried on. So many compliments and sooo many skeins of yarn bought in that color. I still will gravitate to that color when I’m around yarn.

  3. That shade of green takes my breath away. I too worship greens. My favorite is bottle green. The kind that beams in sunlight. The two dyes that give me that exact shade is weld and indigo. So even handcrafted, it’s a rare shade.

  4. The appeal of green (to me) as a color is deeply rooted in its connections to nature, its calming and balancing effects, and its ability to evoke positive emotions and associations. I especially love greens that can be found in moss (as found on a forest walk), pool table green, or even (a bit icky but just think about the color) meconium green (I spent 40 years as a preemie nurse) because of the association with newborn babies (not poop).

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