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Loose Ends

Tying up loose ends has always brought mixed emotions for me. Feels great to have my life all tidied up. But the remaining blank canvas can be a bit terrifying. No?

Still Yet, I’m Tying Up Loose Ends

Finishing up with doing craft shows last year has now let me focus a bit on all my fiber-crafts that I’ve been ignoring for a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a list of to-dos for the craft shows. Such inventory updates, summarizing revenue and expenses for taxes, etc. But a lot of capacity opened up as well.

So I went through and pulled out some of the items in limbo for various reasons. Many of the reasons I don’t even remember.


Anytime I find an issue with a hand-knit or hand-cranked sock, I do a quick assessment. Is it a pair of socks I really like? Is the repair worth making. How does repairing the sock compare with replacing it with a new pair of hand-knit/hand-cranked socks? I had two pairs in my repair pile.

The first pair needs some darning. I’m thinking I may just frog the bad parts and re-knit them. The second pair (which are cranked) had a dropped stitch that I missed when I first made them. That’s already been repaired.

WsIP In Limbo

There were two projects languishing in limbo. Well, at least two projects that I valued. The first one was a cross-body man-purse I had started a while ago.

Cross-Shoulder Bag 01-05-24 01

I started making this bag as something I would put up for sale at the craft shows. But I find the similar bag I made years ago incredibly useful. Especially when I’m at the Men’s Knitting Retreats and I need to track tag-sale table sales and receipts, etc. This one is almost finish, so hopefully it will go to good use.

The other project was one of the most technically challenging project I’ve ever made.

This is design is Fox Paws by Xandy Peters. And I truly love how it came out. I finished at the end of March, 2020. Well, finished it all except weaving in ends (which I hid in the photos on the blog back then). I was able to weave in all the ends and now it’s really finished.

Fox Paws 01-05-24 05

If you ever want to play around with stacked increases and decreases, this was a fun knitting challenge.

Current Knitting

Part of finishing up items was finishing the Double Hitch shawl.

I love everything about this design and this yarn. I will definitely be making this again.

4 comments on “Loose Ends

  1. Amen to that, Marjie! Even in a shadowed image, Joe, your eyes sparkle and your smile reflects the beauty of the scarf. Off to weaving in my own ends on the second (!) of a pair of worsted-weight socks and then to the Double Hitch Shawl knitted with Wonderland’s Literature of Love colorway. And then …

      1. Thank you for including the link, Joe. They call the fingering weight I’m using, “Maryann.” I don’t know why.

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