Fuck You I Quit

Fuck You I Quit!

Breaking news! Biden says, “At my age, I don’t need this shit…fuck you, I quit!” So, could you honestly, blame him?

When “Fuck You I Quit” Is a Call For Help

The point of view of the media is that the President of the United States owes this country. And so, they need to hold him accountable. As a result, the U.S. citizens now feel that way too.

You realize, the job of the presidency in this country is worse than thankless, right? It’s an incredibly difficult job. And gets constant criticism. And the only benefit from it is the power and prestige of the position, and having a historical legacy after it’s over.

The one thing Trump may have gotten right, was getting the media to surrender the notion that he could be held accountable for anything. It may be why the people who like him continue to support him. He doesn’t give a shit what people think of him.

As the president of this country, you can really only go in two directions. Completely self-serving, power-hungry, suck-everything-you-can-out-of-the-job. Or a selfless, servant of the people. I guess there’s a third…you can have some hybrid, mix of those two.

Personalize This For Moment

Can you imagine being elected president of this country and choosing the the latter (selfless servant). Using all your skills and vast experience to serve this country (and the World) as best you can. And receiving nothing but criticism, complaints and even threats to you and your family? Think about jobs you’ve held in the past where you were completely devalued or unappreciated. Or worse yet criticized for doing your best?

And then imagine what you’d be thinking if Trump had been elected for a second term.

Me? I’d be begging Joe Biden to please help in any way he could.

Yet, I know that no president is perfect. And President Biden has done things I wish he’d done differently. And further, I also think that we should continue to pressure our government officials to do what we think is the right thing. But at least consider how you’d like to be encouraged to do things differently at your job. And act accordingly.

Apologies for the political post, but some things, I just need to express.

Current Knitting

In finishing up loose ends, I was able to complete the cross-body murse from Friday’s post.

It came out well. I also added a carabiner clip on an inside loop to keep track of keys. For the button to secure the bag closed, I used an old item from my button collection.

Cross Body Bag 01-08-23 03

I love how it looks.

Finally, I started a new Double Hitch shawl.

Cross Body Bag 01-08-23 03

I’m using the Harmony (rainbow) colorway of Urth’s Uneek fingering yarn.

Double Hitch 01-08-23 02

One of the things I love about Uneek yarn is that the transitions aren’t always perfect or even. And the small inconsistencies of color changing look interesting and nice in this shawl design. Perfectly imperfect, no?

8 comments on “Fuck You I Quit!

  1. Any public office has become a target. Even voting officials have been threatened. I wouldn’t put my family at risk. Which is why we get what we get.

    That shawl, the brilliance of the colors. It’s just stupendous Joe.

  2. OMG, Joe, fortunately I happened to glance at the graphic to the right only to discover that all places are already filled for May. Yes, you warned me that would happen, but I had no idea when registration began. Ah, well, I just joined the waiting list and will count on next September.

    Meanwhile, what’s false, Karen K?

    Meanwhile #2, Joe, your knit/crochet projects photograph so well, and then there I am with the first few repeats of the Double Hitch shawl in the aforementioned yarn, only to dislike the look of it and the repeated calls for backwoard loop cast-ons. I suppose with more practice my tension will even out. Onwards and knitwards.

    1. This is false Fred:
      Breaking news! Biden says, “At my age, I don’t need this shit…fuck you, I quit!” So, could you honestly, blame him?

      1. Of course I wouldn’t blame him, who wants the responsibility especially now? But false news seemed accusatory rather than supportive. Like Colbert’s frequent jokes about Biden’s age. I’m a fan of his, but enough! Consider another Orange Man term and the collapse of democracy.

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