How Do You Start The New Year - Thaddeus and Joe 01-01-2024

How Do You Start The New Year?

Whether it’s black-eyed peas, greens and corn bread, or putting a coin outside on New Year’s eve…how do you start the New Year?

This Is How I Start The New Year

Here’s some of my previous New Year’s posts on QueerJoe.

But, someone once told me that you should start the year in the same way you’d like to have happen throughout the year. So, we went out to eat really good food on the first day of the year.

Our favorite restaurant, The Milford House in Milford, NJ is run by two of our favorite people. Rosie and Tom both have a lot of history in restaurants. Rosie’s family owned an amazing Thai restaurant in our neighboring town for years. And Tom is an exceptional chef who has worked in a few local restaurants over the years. He has an amazing sense about what flavors work well together.

For New Year’s Day, they had a special tapas menu with “buck-a-shuck” oysters. We ate like royalty. Thaddeus had oysters and a surf & turf meal and I had an amazing congee and tofu dish and a scallop scramble that was sublime.

In case you were concerned, Thaddeus and I started our year off well.

Current Knitting

I was hoping to finish the Rainbow Double Hitch shawl, but I’ve still got a bit more to do on this one.

Double Hitch 01-10-23 01

It’s going to be a nice size.

Double Hitch 01-10-23 02

I’m up to about 130 stitches per row and usually get to the end of the yarn at about 150 stitches. But the rows grow bigger and bigger, so those last 20 stitches will still take a bit of work.

2 comments on “How Do You Start The New Year?

  1. Hi Joe.
    Great tradition! I like it!
    Ours is we jump off chairs into the New Year. on New Year’s Eve. Something from our mother’s side of the family.
    I’ve traced the tradition to Denmark. While we have no Danish background, Mom was born in Montana. I wonder if her family picked it up there.
    Best wishes for 2024. Hope it is filled with good food and fiber fun.

    1. Hi, Mike,
      Any photos of your chair-jumping? Curious and inquiring minds need to know! Happy New Year to you and yours,

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