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A Groomed Cat

Yes, it’s true what they say. I’m a groomer. Amateur groomer, but a groomer none the less. Thus, a well-groomed cat.

Having A Well-Groomed Cat

I’ve always wanted Finn to be gay. Since he’s virtually never around other cats, I honestly have no idea what his sexual identity is. Hell, I don’t even know Finn’s pronouns.

So, I can make it up. And just make sure he conforms to as many ideas about who I want him to be.

Finn 01-12-24 01

Yeah, he’s not buying it either.

Finn has always had a bit of an obstinate streak in him. We often hear his inimitable voice in our heads, saying, “You’re not the boss of me.” Or, “You’re not my real father!” And on both counts, Finn is correct. Finn is also getting to be old and grumpy. Just like his adopted dads. We think he’s about 15 years old, but we really don’t know how old he was when he came to live with us.

So, as far as the the far-right goes, I’m a shitty groomer. But I do brush him almost every day. And Thaddeus has gotten to the point where he can clip Finn’s claws…usually. And it often requires reminding him that he gets a “good-boy” snack if he complies. So, he is really quite well-groomed after all.

Current Knitting

I’ve accomplished two knit-related things since Wednesday. Unsurprisingly, I finished the Double Hitch shawl in the Harmony (rainbow) colorway of Urth’s Uneek fingering yarn.

It’s a fun design (especially if you know how to knit short-rows without turning your work to get the saw-toothed edge…Fred). And the yarn is so bright and cheery. I quite love it.

I also decided that one (or maybe both) of the recent Noro hats I knit were too small. So I unfinished my favorite one, ripped it back and re-knit it.

I only ripped back the top decreases and added less than an inch to the height of the hat. But I like it much better now.

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  1. Groomed and Graceful- Aww Finn looks lovely. Cats, in general, are quite proficient at grooming themselves, but I’m sure he (and you) enjoyed the pampering session.

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