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A Day Of Action

Watching Reverend Al Sharpton on Politics Nation this past weekend, he suggested that today could be an effective day of action.

Not A Day Off, But A Day Of Action

To be honest, I never liked Al Sharpton back in the eighties and nineties.

Al Sharpton 1988 Tawana Brawley

And I wanted to. He stood up for just causes. He brought together important communities to fight for equal rights. I loved his causes. But I always thought he was too focused on self-promotion instead of furtherance of the cause.

My opinion of him has changed. Even somewhat retroactively. I realize now that if he wasn’t well-known and didn’t know how to get face-time on television, he wouldn’t have been so effective at fighting for equal rights. He also seems to have changed. He seems to be much more interested in serving justice, rather than taking credit for it.

Regardless, he said something I thought was really valuable this past weekend. Paraphrasing, he said that instead of taking Monday as a day off, take it as a day of action. Do something to help forward your cause.

I know that not everyone has Martin Luther King as a holiday or a day off. But I’d still like to suggest that you consider doing anything that might forward a just cause that you consider important.

There are a few things I have in mind to do, but I’d love to hear any thoughts on creative ways you all might have.

Current Knitting

After adding some height to the last spiraling West Coast Watch Cap, I decided to start a new, non-spiraled cap with the leftover yarn.

While it’s the hat I’m wearing in the feature photo today, it’s not one that I think I look particularly good in. I also tried a slightly different way of decreasing at the top and I like it better.

Finn Approves of hat knitting

Finn approves…I think.

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