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Tired Of Adulting

Please know that I clearly understand that I have no right whatsoever to be tired of adulting. So apologies in advance.

Just Barely Qualifying As An Adult – And Yet, I’m Tired of Adulting

Barely qualifying because of the very few adult tasks that I am required to do. Definitely not by age.

Indulge me in a bit of a pity party today. If you can’t tolerate the whining of someone with no right to do so, then just skip down to the Current Crochet/Knitting section.

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This week just had one too many times I felt burdened with responsibility. And the one I struggle with the most, is the one I got the least amount of support from my husband.

This week, I had to bring my car in for inspection. Anyone that knows me well, knows that I hate doing anything to do with car maintenance. I don’t even like going to a gas station to fill my tank.

So when my car failed inspection, I was immediately overwhelmed. I had to force myself to go into adult-mode. And I asked all the right questions. I found out what I needed to do…which included bringing my car to the dealership for service…horrifying. And then I had to bring it back to the service station so they could verify it now passed inspection.

The Response At Home

When I got home, Thaddeus has a ton of questions. Many of which I had asked because I had forced myself to be an adult. He was annoyed at the situation, and/or maybe me. It was difficult to tell which. Honestly, the situation was annoying. The car failed inspection for a “Check Engine” light that I have never seen. In fact, I have NEVER seen a check-engine light on my car. And it wasn’t displaying when I picked up the failed car.

I made the appointment to bring in my car for service and brought it in yesterday. With a ton of instructions from Thaddeus on how I should handle any situation that might come up.

When I brought the car in, the service agent tells me it’s going to cost $220 to clear the check-engine light. Thaddeus hadn’t prepared me to deal with that. So I expressed my shock at how expensive it was. They explained that was the current hourly labor rate. I forced myself to be adult and persisted. “And it takes an hour to diagnose an error code and clear it?” The answer was yes, and they could probably fix it within the same hour.

Suffice to say, they had all kinds of difficulties figuring out what was causing the computer error and finally realized it was an undercharged battery. The battery was fine, but I wasn’t driving the car enough to fully charge the battery. Thankfully, they only charged me $120 to charge the battery, run a battery diagnostic and re-run the computer diagnostic to confirm the issue was resolved.

Proud Until

I was kind of proud of myself for getting through my own personal nightmare and successfully navigating these treacherous waters. Getting home and explaining it to Thaddeus annoyed him again. And again, I’m not sure if he’s annoyed with me or the situation.

I’m grateful the last step in resolving this (bringing it back for re-inspection) will be all over tomorrow (hopefully).

Current Crochet/Knitting

I was able to power through the last few rows of the crochet Hitchhiker shawl (Mostly Harmless by Kaylie Dawn).

It came out beautifully, but I doubt I’ll ever make another one. I don’t mind that the garment is more of a crescent. In fact, I kind of like that. But the garment curls a bit more than I prefer. Honestly, steam blocking easily fixes that. The real reason I won’t do another one of these is that I can make something equally as beautiful by knitting a Double Hitch shawl a lot more easily.

And I did pick up the comparative Double Hitch shawl again.

Double Hitch 01-24-24 01

And I made a lot of progress.

You can see by the comparative progress photo on the right, that I have quite a bit more to finish. But it will go much more quickly than the crochet version.

6 comments on “Tired Of Adulting

  1. Oh, I hate dealing with things like that car situation! I always feel like they could be cheating me and I would never know. And then to have my handling of it questioned, well. I don’t think I’d be too happy for that, either. I’m with you on this one, anyway. I hope the inspection goes smoothly this time. It really is weird that it failed over a check engine light you weren’t seeing…

    I love the colors in that Double Hitch! Rainbow is my second favorite color, after blue.

  2. I had a check engine light come on once because the gas cap wasn’t replaced correctly and had such a trouble figuring it out and then the time they used I felt like they were blaming ME when we didn’t even have self serve gas in Oregon at the time. SMH. 🤦‍♀️ I am also a comparatively spoiled so-called-adult. 😏

  3. I love shawls–both making and wearing them–and have more than a few. However, there is always room for one more. Seeing your “hitchhiker” shawl got me thinking of another shawl design that has matching “steps” on both sides and which would probably be more typically triangular when completed. At this time I’m not even sure whether knitting or crochet would be the best fabric choice. I have so many odd-ball skeins that I don’t know how to effectively use that are literally pleading for attention, and will probably try to use some of them to experiment with this idea (maybe by doing a little charting ahead of time). Thanks a lot for all of your helpful and happily received comments. Stay young as long as you are able . . .

  4. I have them do the annual inspection at the dealership where I get the car serviced, so if there is a problem that can call me and fix it there. Usually try to time my annual maintenance with the inspection date though not always so successful at that! I feel your pain, though – I HATE car issues.

  5. My old garage (owner retired darn him) would send out a postcard one month before my inspection sticker was due. I would take the car in, they would check it over (do anything that might need doing and change the oil/filter if it were time as well), take it to the inspection station, get the sticker and call me when it was done. Now I live on tenterhooks as I sit in the inspection station myself. I want to be taken care of again! As far as *my* husband goes with car problems? Don’t ask!

  6. If I ever win the lottery (have to buy ticket first), I’d give a large chunk to friends, but save enough to hire a personal assistant to take care of the adulting chores. I’ve gotten to resent even mailing a letter!

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