Needle Felting - because knitting isn’t weird enough.

Needle Felting

Now that I have finished up with production knitting and selling my items at craft shows, I can try out new things. So I’m learning needle felting.

Needle Felting – Because Knitting Isn’t Weird Enough

I’ve always found the meme about spinning (because knitting isn’t weird enough) to be funny. Especially as a man who knits. But honestly, I’ve never found any fiber-craft to be weird.

So recently, I decided to learn how to do needle felting.

Another Craft - Needle Felting 01-26-24 01

Three reasons for the new interest:

  1. The guys at the Men’s Knitting Retreat expressed an interest in learning it. So I decided to offer a workshop. Which meant I had to learn to do it myself.
  2. I had some felting needles and tools from my “fiber repair kit” that I put together for a previous workshop at the retreat.
  3. Needle felting equipment is really inexpensive, and I already had a lot of roving I could use.

I’ve decided to teach the guys how to do a simple teddy bear ornament. The workshops are only 2.5 hours long, so I wanted to do something they could finish. And one of the other workshops will teach guys how to make miniature sweaters that can be used as a festive holiday garland.

MSKR 2023 Workshop - SnT Greg Mini Jumpers Garland 04

I figured they could put some felted bears in this garland if they wanted to and it might be cute. No?

We’ll see how it goes. I’m honestly not that good yet at needle felting. I’ll keep practicing with different items to see how I like them.

Current Knitting

Made quite a bit of progress on the latest Double Hitch shawl in Uneek Fingering (Harmony colorway).

Working with this vibrant, rainbow yarn continues to make me very happy.

4 comments on “Needle Felting

  1. Needle felting is sooooooo much fun. It does make things that are difficult to clean, so best for seasonal display imho. But so much fun. And though you are of course free to wear finger guards, they have always looked a little awkward to
    me. The main trick is to just WATCH what you are doing. I have truly never really stabbed myself. And only a little and only when I wasn’t looking. Instruction #1 for needle felting is ALWAYS LOOK. Obviously if someone is on blood thinners or has hemophelia or the like, the guards are more important. I’m just saying that if you are finding them awkward you may be ok without. But maybe they are great. Anyhow have a grand time!

    That rainbow Shaw is adorable!

  2. Maybe I’m impressionable, perhaps you’re charismatic, but I purchased a skein of Urth’s Harmony colorway, though in DK, from the Perfect Purl site. It arrived a few days ago, and my oh my, you were right, Joe. The colors are spectacular and the effect is very smile inducing. The skein is on my desk next to the laptop and reminds me how much I love color and yarn and knitting. In other words, thanks for sharing. You might just be an “influencer,” or a yarn pimp. It’s all good.

  3. Needle felting is such fun and a great way to vent frustration on particularly stabby days…lol. I highly recommend that you invest in (or make) a good thick felting pad. One that’s made of wool felt and at least an inch thick. It’s a game changer. Let me know if you’d like more info.

    Love the shawl

  4. Have you ever thought about doing an online workshop for needle felting. I live in a place (on an island) that has very limited resources for such things.

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