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Finn Likes Felting

I’m trying out different ways of needle-felting, and I created a small, brown blob. Turns out Finn likes felting.

Or At Least Finn Likes Felting When I Do It!

The little brown blob looked kind of like one of his toy mice. But honestly, I didn’t hold out much hope that he’d like it.

For an old cat, he sure did go after that “mouse” toy. Glad that roving didn’t go to waste. And I didn’t even roll that little blob in catnip or anything.

Clearly Finn has good taste in fiber-objects.

Current Knitting

I was able to finish the latest Double Hitch shawl in the Harmony colorway of Uneek Fingering.

It’s a beautiful yarn and lovely to work with. I just ordered something that will go with some of these shawls for when they get gifted and/or donated.

I also finished the workshop bear that I’ll teach in May.

The second photo is just to show how petit this little guy is. I opted not to needle-felt the nose and eyes and just use safety/plastic eyes and nose. I had to felt over the studs on the back side of the bear with a little more fiber. But it was worth it.

Blog Readers’ Questions/Comments

In comments, Dianna writes: “Have you ever thought about doing an online workshop for needle felting. I live in a place (on an island) that has very limited resources for such things.”

I’m honestly just learning this particular craft myself. Enough so that I can teach it to 10 guys in May. And there are TONS of really good tutorials out on YouTube to learn this technique.

1 comment on “Finn Likes Felting

  1. Great Finn video! Wonderful. The mouse toy is a total hit. I may have to take up felting just so I can create a mouse toy.
    Kitty Baby is older as well and she had lost interested in playing the last couple of years. In the fall, she developed a painful situation in her flanks. She hobbled cautiously and weakly, wincing, making short “That hurt!” sounds. An injury or something fiercely ominous?
    When I took our cat to the vet, we prepared ourselves for the truly worst. He said he would try a prednisone shot. If that didn’t help, then a future x-ray to see what was going on.
    Overnight she was better. She now moves easily and can be very fast.
    She is back to jumping at the bedroom door in the morning to get us up. No sign of pain.
    And yesterday she wanted to play! I have a piece of yarn with two shiny pompoms on the end. She is really going at it again.
    She gallops from room to room, under table legs, up and down on chairs. We are back to voicing her imagined, joyous cry, “Wild Kitties Can’t Be Tamed!”

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