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Tired of TikTok

Is it possible to be tired of TikTok when I’m not even on it? I’ve never been on TikTok but I’m constantly exposed to it anyway.

Lack Of Originality Makes Me Tired of TikTok

I follow a number of crafters on Facebook and Instagram. Often, their TikTok videos are shared on these other two platforms. So I get to see snippets of TikTok all the time.

Honestly, I love seeing simple videos of someone crocheting a beautiful, cylindrical basket. Or knitting on the subway. Especially when they’re part of the men’s fiber-craft community.

But I’ve started to really get annoyed at seeing two types of videos.

The Magic Yarn To Project Video

This is where the person shows you yarn and moves it so close to the camera and then pulls back with the finished object.

Yes, it was clever the first 47 times. Kind of like a Barry Manilow song, it gets really cloying and tired on the 48th time.

The Dramatic Roll-Out Display

To be fair, I still haven’t gotten totally tired of this one. It’s the one where the artists holds the blanket or quilt or scarf all rolled up over their head and then lets it unfurl dramatically in front of them.

This one isn’t so twee and it shows a nice pride in the accomplishment. But I’m not sure how much longer I can stand watching them.

Does TikTok drain the creative types of all their originality when it comes to creating videos? Or am I just being a grumpy, old man again?

Current Knitting

One of my knit-friends started knitting Emotional Support Chickens in fingering weight yarn. I thought this was brilliant and could use up some of my leftovers and large stash of sock yarn.

I think I’ll be making a few of these Emotional Support Chicklets.

12 comments on “Tired of TikTok

  1. In this instance, I think you’re being a grumpy old man. I still think you’re pretty awesome, though. 😜

  2. I enjoy being a grumpy old man (I was born that way). Some of the Tik-Tok videos are clever and others aren’t. I’m being more selective in what I watch on-line so am not seeing quite so many of them at the present time.

  3. On a commission through a comment on Instagram, I’ve nearly finished knitting my very first Emotional Support Chicken. All that’s left is to knit the bottom piece, stuff, and complete the sewing up. My “patron” sent the Beak-on-ce (oy) kit to me. I must admit it’s quite the fun project and I can see why you became an ESC factory for gifts. Joe, are you making any modifications to the pattern since you’re using fingering rather than worsted yarn? I may need to try a chicklet (not the gum) as well. Dang, I AM impressionable.

    1. The only modifications I’m making is using small needles (US 2/2.75 mm) and smaller plastic safety eyes. The pattern and stitch count is all the same and it looks great so far.

  4. I chalk up my aversion to TikTok to old age. Plus, I haven’t seen a video that was particularly enjoyable, probably old age again.

  5. Can you tell my what size eyes you used for the fingering weight version and where to purchase them?
    I surely enjoy your blog.

  6. I think there is pressure to have things be Quick. And these are two ways to get a lot of information into your post in a very short amount of time. The ones I really like though are the time lapse ones which actually show the process.

    One of my friends knit your chicken. 👏

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