USPS Informed Delivery

USPS Informed Delivery

Many folks may not be aware, but the U.S. Postal Service has a service to notify you of what mail will be arriving each day. It’s Called USPS Informed Delivery.

USPS Informed Delivery – Yea or Nay?

When I first heard about this, I thought it was a great idea. Each day you get an e-mail with scanned images of every piece of mail that will be arriving in your mailbox that day. Completely unnecessary, but possibly useful when you’re expecting an important check in the mail. Or you’re getting a yarn delivery that you need to hide from your spouse (and no, I don’t do that…but some might find it useful).


A couple of things that I don’t like about this service.

  1. On a day when I’m not scheduled to get any mail, there is no e-mail sent. This leaves me wondering if the e-mail went to the spam folder of if I somehow got unsubscribed from the service.
  2. Four times, I’ve been notified that an official letter from Pennsylvania Department of Revenue was going to be in my mailbox. It was addressed to the corporation I run. Which means it involves corporate taxation. The first time, I worried for hours of what fresh hell was about to arrive. Turns out it was a survey to ask me to assess how much time it took to file my corporate taxes. Second time, I again worried for hours. It was a reminder to fill out the survey they sent previously. Third and fourth times, I worried less, but still worried. They were both the same reminders. Kind of annoying, no?
  3. The process for signing up for Informed Delivery is a little convoluted. But once it’s set up, there is nothing to do.

I do like that it tells me when packages are arriving. I also love looking forward to notifications of class action lawsuits. It usually means there’s a check (albeit usually small) in the mail. Yes, I fill out every class action lawsuit I’m possibly eligible for. I just got a $98 check from Facebook. But usually, it’s a check for $1.78, but I’m glad to get any check.

Should I or Shouldn’t I?

Overall, I’m glad to have Informed Delivery. I find it more useful than annoying. For U.S. readers, if you’re interested in signing up, you start the process on-line here:

If you’ve already signed up for the service, I’d like to know what you think of it.

Current Knitting

The first Chicklet is finished! And beautiful, I might add.

Personally, I think she’s a much nicer size than the worsted weight version. But I guess some folks would prefer something more substantial as an emotional support chicken.

10 comments on “USPS Informed Delivery

  1. I use Informed Delivery and mostly I like it but there are some frustrations. Like you said, if you see you’re getting a piece of mail that’s worrisome, it’s nerve-wracking to wait for it. Also, my mail route has a big turnover and our post office is short-staffed, so sometimes my mail doesn’t arrive until 8:00 pm, or until the next day, which prolongs the nerves.

    P.S. When did you get your Facebook check? I signed up for that settlement but I haven’t received anything yet.

    1. I lied…I didn’t get a Facebook settlement check…it was from Apple and it was for $92. I just didn’t feel like looking when I was posting the blog entry today. I also got a small settlement check from Zoom.

  2. I do use Informed Delivery, and mostly I like it. I enjoy the anticipation of good things coming, and mostly don’t fret beyond a “now what is that about” before the mail arrives. But once in a while, we don’t get what was in an email until the next day! I think they’re short-staffed and sometimes our building misses a day. Which is frustrating if you’re expecting a yarn delivery, for instance.

  3. Hi Joe,
    I’m Canadian and have never signed up for this however, I have received emails saying I have a parcel and my incomplete address is on a parcel. There is also a pic of something resembling a UPS truck, so I presume it was a scammer and deleted it. Just interesting.

  4. I have used this service for quite some time and like that it saves me a trip to the mailbox when I don’t have any mail that day. Also, the email says “arriving soon”, usually, but not necessarily, that same day.

  5. I have Informed Delivery set *not* to email me, but I check it on the web when I’m expecting something. That was how I knew that I didn’t receive one of the Covid stimulus checks when I should have. Tracking that down was much more challenging, as the want you to wait a few weeks to initiate tracking. I finally found a local phone number to call, and the woman who answered said she’d check with my carrier when they came back from their route. The next day, the carrier rang my doorbell, check in hand. It had been stuck to my neighbors. The neighbor is apparently notorious in the sorting center for never emptying their mailbox. Of course the clerk I spoke to knew this, but it would have been illegal for me to retrieve the check myself.

  6. I use it. I like it especially now as we live on a road with one of those multi-locking-banks-of-boxes. If I see we are getting something good it motivates me to go empty the box! Also I do get the email every day even when nothing is coming—maybe it’s a settings thing?

  7. My husband signed up for it and it’s not a bad service. Helpful to know if you need to make sure you pick up something that might be important, but yeah, anxiety is not something I enjoy either!
    The chicklet is adorable:)! Your pattern? (sorry if you’ve discussed it in previous posts!)

  8. Yay! I use it and I love it. We too have a set of secure mailboxes, a giant metal box at the end of the cul de sac. I can skim through what’s coming and decide if I need to check the mail that day. I can always tell when a magazine comes because they cannot be scanned.

    Seeing what’s coming doesn’t trigger anxiety, it’s merely something else that needs to be handled.

    I love the package feature! Between this little program and the Shop App–I have deliveries nailed down.

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