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Raffle Basket Time Again

Yes, for each of the two Men’s Knitting Retreats in Upstate NY, one of the guys started this a few years ago. And now it’s raffle basket time again.

Raffle Basket Time Takes A Lot Of Thought!

How hard would it be to put together three prize baskets for guys who do fiber-crafts? Honestly, it wasn’t that difficult the first year (although we only did one prize…but we realized it was much more fun to draw three prizes!). The second time, it was a bit more difficult. Then the third time, even more so.

Here’s the criteria:

  1. We like to have three different “size” prizes to win (ie. First/Grand, Second, Third).
  2. We can’t spend more than we’ll sell in raffle tickets so that we can donate money to the scholarship fund.
  3. We like to have prizes geared toward differing fiber-crafts. Knitting, crochet and sometimes spinning
  4. Each prize should be items associated with a specific project.

And we try not to repeat exact prizes each retreat so that ticket buyers and former winners will still be interested in participating.

Here’s what we have so far for the May retreat:

First Prize

First prize (so far) will be a kit for the Emotional Support Chicken, a special set of Knitter’s Pride interchangeable needles , a neck light and some plastic eyes.

Second Prize

Second Prize Raffle 02-05-24 01

Second prize is a crochet cowl prize. We’ll have a crochet cowl pattern with an interchangeable set of hooks, a neck light and some yarn.

Third Prize

Raffle Basket Time 02-05-24 01

The second knitted project will include a different set of Knitter’s Pride interchangeable needles, a neck light and some really cool looking project kit (not sure what yet).

In addition, we’ll be including various notions (stitch markers, measuring tapes, needle gauges, etc.) because you can never have too much of that stuff around.

You all have any other great ideas for including in raffle prizes?

Current Knitting

Chicklets 02-05-24 01

I’ve finished all the knitting on the second “Chicklet” (fingering weight version of the Emotional Support Chicken pattern).

Chicklets 02-05-24 02

If you really HATE finishing (sewing, weaving in ends, etc.) this project is NOT for you. Just the four knitted parts alone (main body, bottom section, comb and wattle) require quite a bit of sewing.

Chicklets 02-05-24 03

So far, I’m really loving the shocking colorway of the third Chicklet. And I’ve already made the comb and wattle for it in the contrasting pastel, peach color. Should be faboo, no?

7 comments on “Raffle Basket Time Again

  1. I participate in a Trout Unlimited dinner and they have a prize table every year. Some are the same year-to-year (fly rods, travel tubes, books, fly tying kits, bottles of scotch, waders). It does not matter if some of your prizes are repeats.
    If you put boxes in front of the prizes and let the ticket holders choose. You could even have several repeats (wool, kits, needles, notions)

  2. Another raffle idea that the knitting retreat I go to that increases the scholarship fund or pays for the prize is a free stay at the next retreat. The tickets sell for $20 each. It has been very popular. We have about 60-80 attendees every year and it use to be close to 100 before Covid. Majority of us buy at least one ticket.

    I love your raffle prizes. Especially the interchangeable kits.

  3. There will be yarn with the chicken prize, right? They look awesome. The Eugene Weavers’ Guild does a charity raffle but we make our prizes and so I have no input really, except people just like winning and they like giving to a good cause—the prizes don’t have to be over the top. I think you’re there. There are nice pre-made needle felting kits all over if you need an idea for next time!

  4. Check out Merula Designs blog last week. The “Knitting Barber” cords – stitch holders – look really neat. (Available at Webs.)

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