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Tell Me I’m Beautiful

Maybe it’s just my personal filter but it seems that the most prevalent emotional issue with most people, is low self-esteem. So tell me I’m beautiful.

What Does It Cost You To Tell Me I’m Beautiful

And be sincere about it!

Years ago I learned a great life-hack. Supportive comments about someone else are free. And incredibly valuable. Most of the people I know could never suffer from more self-esteem. So genuinely finding something good about someone and letting them know has been a useful way for me of making me feel better about myself.

You’d think that would seem somewhat counter-intuitive, but everyone seems to understand it right away. That being supportive of others makes them feel better about themselves.

A couple examples of how I’ve used this life-hack:

  1. In support groups, I will find one thing that I find valuable in what someone else shares and let them know how valuable it was for me.
  2. At work (when I was still working), I’d make sure my boss or my boss’s boss knew what amazing work one of my co-workers was doing. It always made both my co-worker and me look amazing.
  3. Men’s Knitting Retreats – This is the most profound example I’ve seen. Making sure each and every guy who attends knows exactly how amazing I think they are (and I do), has created this incredibly powerful echo-chamber (in a good way). These guys have created one of the most fantastically self-supporting groups of people I have ever been around.

So, my secret (not-so-secret) is out. A rising tide of self-esteem raises all boats.

Tell someone about how they amaze you and see how good you feel.

Current Knitting

The feature photo is the most recently finished Chicklet from the Emotional Support Chicken kit I got from Knitting Tree LA.

Chicklets 02-07-24 02

I’ve also finished all the knitting for the next one as well.

Still need to sew her up. And I hope you’re not tiring of this cool little pattern. I still have five more to make!

5 comments on “Tell Me I’m Beautiful

  1. Love seeing your work. It is inspiring. Love how creative and productive you are! It continues to encourage me to keep knitting.

  2. Well, Joe, even though we’ve never actually met (does Zoom count?), I do think you’re beautiful inside and out. Here’s my knitted chicken story: through IG, a crocheter I also never met wanted an Emotional Support Chicken. Through comments she made admiring one of my friend’s poultry handiwork, I remarked that I would knit her an ESC. Two weeks later now, she has her Beak-on-ce, I was sent a generous commission, and a request (and payment!) for another for her boss. This one will use yarn from my stash — Wonderland’s Literature Love in aran weight. You’re absolutely right in Monday’s post about the amount of sewing for this baby, not my strong suit. As I’ve only knit one prior project that required stuffing, I was delighted by how much fun it was to, well, stuff the chicken for my patron. I now have a new friend who, coincidentally, works across the street from a yarn shop I’ve done business with online for years.

  3. You’re beautiful Joe. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for many moons!
    You are a wonderful knitter and I also enjoy your non-knitting commentary.

    Keep on blogging!

  4. This is a perfect example of why I read your blog. You are creative and funny but you are also thoughtful and kind and helpful.

    Your post made me stop and think of a dear friend who has been gone for close to 20 years. My memory of all the events has faded into the mist but I distinctly remember sharing with mutual friends at Happy Hour how when I was struggling with a situation Barbara steamed into the fray (she was a force to be reckoned with) and “read all her lines just as if I had written them” while all of our friends nodded knowing exactly what I was saying.

    It’s been at least 40 years since that Happy Hour but you have brightened my day remembering.

    Thank you !

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